Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas.

Here, before we head out to Utah tomorrow, are a few pictures from our Christmassy house! I'll post the outside, complete with fantastic white lights, next time I download pictures! Thank you to my sweet husband for climbing on our roof to hang them!

Here is our little tree. TEAR, our first Christmas tree! We've never had our own place to decorate before this year since last year we were in transit, so it was SO fun to decorate our OWN place!

Our DVD case serves as our mantel.

Since we are going to Utah in the am, we did our own little Christmas morning here today. Matthew did a great job wrapping my gifts, and we had a fun time having a low key day together.

Dutch was pretty interested too.
I just realized I didn't take a single picture of Matthew because he had the camera! Don't worry, I'll make sure we both take good pictures while we're in Utah--- we are so excited to see family, friends, and SNOW! Thanks to Leslie and Joanne for taking care of our little kitten Dutchy!


Ashley said...

Yeah, we got snow today just for you. Hopefully there is a little break for you tomorrow to make it in.