Friday, December 19, 2008


So, since Matthew has been home, and since I have been finished with school, I've been cooking quite a bit (and Matthew has been VERY helpful).

This was our Stout pot pie--- beefey, Guinnessey, delicious!

Above is the "T" on the top, and below is the inside of the pie.

Matthew found a cheesey potato soup, so we whipped it up! Topped with bacon and scallions, and accompanied by a loaf of homemade french bread. YUM.

This is a pizza that Leslie introduced me to-- a Rachel Ray recipe. I made a homemade pizza dough, and then we busted out this buffalo chicken pizza!

Also, my mother in law has a killer sugar cookie recipe that Matthew has been craving so I made some of those for us. My forte is NOT decorating cookies, so... oh well. They tasted good!

Enjoying the soup.

Me too!



Allison and Noah Riley said...

I'll probably have to screen this post so Noah doesn't see it. I've hit the point where I refuse to buy new groceries and insist we eat up whatever's in/near the house. We've consumed an awful lot of granola bars, Kix cereal and Greek Souvlaki from across the street.