Monday, April 07, 2008

Road Music.

Word up.

Well we've made it to the last week! We had a great weekend together- time together, time with friends, time at church, time out on the town, time eating, time sleeping, time relaxing, time watching Kansas BEAT UNC! TAKE THAT! I'll admit I haven't always been an avid Kansas Fan, but I've ALWAYS disliked UNC, so double hooray! Here's to taking down Memphis tonight!

Anyway, on to the point: We need music!

38 hours in the car coming up starting this Friday when we leave Maryland and head for the hills (er, Mountains) of Utah! We've pretty much exhausted all new music we had when we came here so we're looking for suggestions. We're singer/songwriter-ey type folks. We like laid back, and ideally we'd have a bunch of albums we can listen to straight through. Sadly we've discovered that books on tape don't do it for us :)

So... what are you listening to these days? Good new discoveries? People you've been hearing about? Old faves? Let us know! We'll take any suggestions you're willing to give!


Kaytee said...

Ok, here is what I got.
Get the "Dan in Real Life" soundtrack. It is awesome. Pretty folky and all the songs are the same guy named Sondre Lerche. Glendon and I are obsessed with it.
Next, if you don't already have it, get Feist's CD "The Reminder." I absolutely love her and her music.
And lastly, I'm going to go ahead and reccomend Dave Barnes, "Chasing Mississippi." I really like him, Glendon might like him too much, and we used one of his songs in our wedding. He's kinda country-ish, blues-ish, folk-ish. :o)
I feel that those are all pretty good road trip CDs. :o)
Looking forward to seeing you when you get here!

amy said...

my favorite as of late is Dustin Kensrue. It is not too long, but great songs none the less. look him up on itunes and give it a listen. good good

Sarah said...

Kaytee stole the band (Sondre Lerche) I was going to tell you about...way to steal my thunder! I also agree with Amy, Dustin Kensrue is awesome. I will add Leeland "Sound of Melodies," and "Opposite Way."

melissa said...

I have been enjoying "Shelter" by Ray LaMontagne. I haven't heard the rest of his stuff, but if that song in indicative of what his CD is like - then it'll be great. I say download some good oldies too - Beatles, Elton John, etc, etc.

I'll email if I think of more. I am having ADD issues right now. :)

Laura Arnold said...

Hey Claire, John and I just found this worship leader (Kelanie Gloeckler) that we are crazy about! I think we've had her cd playing almost 24/7 for the past few days. And, the cool thing is she writes all her own is really really good. Her website is and you can download her songs from:

The album is called "brave new worship." I would highly recommend it if you want to break out of the ol' traditional worship songs. Also another really good worship leader is Misty Edwards...

We're praying for safe travels for you two! Can't wait to see you : )

Kelli said...

As you 2 are driving and getting sleepy all you need is Hip-Hop party mix sold at Target. A little MC, Tone Loc, Vanilla, Bobby Brown and a few others, but if that's not enough, i love Snow Patrols latest album. I'm going to get the Leona lewis CD tomorrow, so i'll let you know how that one is. Oooh, one other, i also like Damien Rice. :)

Kimber said...

Sometimes I need a little up beat music when I am driving, especially during long road trips. Lately I have enjoyed One Republic, it is suprisingly good, Phil Wickham is a favorite right now, Mae (pretty much any of their CD's), Shawn McDonald's new CD Roots....etc. I will admit too that I really do like some folk-ish music like Allison Krauss too

Whitney said...

Holy Crap. I don't know any of these artists! Is that a sign I'm getting old? I heard David Grey came out with a greatest hits album. That might be good.

Miss W said...

Brian Wilson's "Smile"-- I can say so many things to recommend it, so I will make myself be brief. The reason I recommend it is b/c a theme throughout the album is Americana and travelling through America-- the songs lead you from the east coast and bring you all the way out west to Hawaii. It's harmony & melody & quirkiness & absolute originality and innovation, and the lyrics paint a picture for you the entire way. And it won a grammy. :)

Staci said...

brett dennen. it's what i listened to (about five times through) when i was searching in vain for the proving grounds. he's very jack johnson-y.

i'm going to miss you :(