Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hot Mess.

No literally.

It's a hot mess around here.

And by it, I mean.... ME.

Had a great workout at the gym today, but it is SO humid that I literally (sorry, gross, but true) had pools of sweat! Ah! I've NEVER had that much. And so, see below yours truly defining "hot mess:"

(note: my face is BRIGHT red- you can't tell because of the lighting)

Also, they STILL have the heat pumping on full-blast even though it is barely getting down to the 50s at night. It is usually 85 degrees in the room, no exaggeration because I have a thermometer in there. Yipes! I'm hoping that maybe today (because its April, bien sur) they will decide it is Spring enough to STOP THE HEAT!

Anyway, that was a whiney post. Mostly, I'm just impressed about the humidity.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

I am all kinds of impressed by (and also slightly envious of) the morning workout.

Whitney said...

Oy! When I lived with Cic we had a crazy guy that lived in the downstairs portion of the house. He was in charge of the heat and he kept it on full blast. We left him nasty notes and he never changed it. Until! Dan Cook got the heating bill. $300!

Ashley said...

Humidity is yucky!