Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank You Notes Are Finished!

So that means I can blog again! :)

Well, to be honest, I haven't written the bachelorette thank yous.... still waiting on that list from a dear friend...

So.. where to start? Some pictures maybe?

We're hoping that the FULL wedding pictures will be available soon. I'll let you know when that happens.

Colby and Crystal at the Bachelorette Party.

Kamie and Danielle at the Bachelorette Party!

Me with my awkward face, and two VERY pretty girls, Julie and Allison- both with really awesome short hair that I'm REALLY envying now that I'm not growing my hair out for a wedding...

Brett and Lisa at the Family Party!

Claire and Lisa at the Family part (and a heinous picture of C at that!)
And so we begin the few wedding pictures I took at the wedding! There's the beautiful center piece- I LOVE that florist! And He loves me- as you can see by the berries! :)

And more berries... more table shots.

Yay! Claire and Melissa! That sexy maid o' honor!

Brett and Kelli, both looking hot hot hot! Ow!


Crazy Mel, I think threatening with a picture gesture....and her very cute and wonderful husband, who I think wins the "most helpful" award for wedding week!

Oooo, sexy groom, even with a goofy face!

Oy, scary picture!

Awkward, angle, but just for pretty much everyone who heard it, I believe this was after julie's quite inappropriate comment about on BAT that shocked us all.....


And there we go! Off into the sunset! Err.. the night! There we are in the back o' the limo! It was so fun to see everyone as we were leaving!

This is the view as we walked into our room. I'm not going to show the whole thing because somehow that seems creepy. heh. But you get the idea- VERY nice room. In fact, the nicest room I've ever stayed in, bar none!

This is us on our leg from ATL to Jamaica. We had a pretty bad time at the hotel in Atlanta (lets just say our surroundings were not quite as nice as the Grand America the night before... or as sanitary....) so we needed a nice mimosa once we made it to the plane :)

And again....

Aw, how sweet!

We made it! And here's the sunset view from our hotel room!

There we are!

Yay, Honeymoon! This was the night of the "white party" where everyone was supposed to wear white, and then there was a white chocolate buffet at midnight! We had a lot of fun and even did some dancing!

Our plate from the buffet!

Perhaps the oddest thing at the resort- a really large chess set....

Matt was REALLY excited about his sunglasses, I guess.

Another picture from the white party night.

A storm rolling in- it rained just about every day at 4:00 for like 20 minutes.

Boys just don't get the whole getting ready process. Here he is biding his time.

We took lots of close-up pictures of the gorgeous flowers. We want to do what Kio did in the 57th st. apartment on the wall in the living room (for the 2 of you who saw that)- so cool!

Matt found and picked up a starfish! It kind of felt like coral.

Our one day in the ocean (about 10 minutes...) neither of us are really ocean people.

There he is reaching for the lil' guy!

There were all these canals all over the place. We had commented on how it would be lovely to see them full and wondered why they weren't. One day just after the afternoon-ly rain, we realized... THAT'S why the canals are there! To drain the place post-rain!

This is on our way to the spa where we got massages. So nice!

YESSS.... Water Tae Bo!

The view of the main lobby. Man, this resort was gorgeous!

A closing shot. We got home safe, escaped the hurricane and all hurricane side effects (no bad weather!). We had a wonderful time at the resort, and we had a wonderful wedding! Thank you to all of you who celebrated with us!


Ashley said...

Yeah thanks for the pics. They are beautiful.

melissa o said...

Ok - we need to put a clause in our friendship that says no freaky-face pictures and no boob-shots - which eliminates all of the ones above of me. :)

(PS - Thanks to VS for the bobbie-time because those were not all my own.)

I love the honeymoon pictures! And especially the one ofyou getting ready - my goodness what a hottie wife Matthew has.


Laura said...

Your comment about not posting pictures of the bedroom of the hotel gave me a good hearty laugh. I love that you admitted that's why you didn't post it. And I totally agree that it's a bit creepy.


Kimber said...

I love that idea of the pictures of flowers.
I don't think I got even one picture with you at your wedding, sad :( It was a dang good time though.