Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lunch Thief!

So on Sunday night Matthew and I went out to dinner to celebrate my parents and their 31st anniversary (which was yesterday- and Gavin and Kelley's 3 year anniversary was yesterday too! aww!). We went to this fabulously delicious place called Flemmings- a steakhouse in SLC.

I got a nice big filet mignon and saved half of it to eat the next day for lunch (we had appetizers, salad, bread... so I was plenty full... but still.... I sacrificed delicious warm tasty beef for my lunch the next day....)

So I brought the filet and a tasty spinach salad to work in a nice little bag and put it in the mini fridge. This fridge sits about 5 feet inside the door of the office on the same wall as the door, if that makes sense. I'd draw you a picture, but, alas, I have not the ability in more ways that one.

Anyway... So I'm working in the main office which is kind of tucked in to a corner- I'm the only one in the office M, W, F- and I hear the distinct sound of the fridge door opening. We always keep lots of bottled water in there, so I figured it was a board member or committee member coming in to say hi, and snagging a nice cold bottle. Then I realized they didn't say anything, and usually I'd hear them walking towards the office where I am, or would holler "hey Claire" and then come see me. But....none of this occured.

Then I remembered my location. Beautiful, pleasant, lovely, beloved downtown Ogden. For all of its' charms..... there are some flaws. Not the issue of the people, so much, but the issue of their actions... see the following....

And what did I see? When I finally decided to peek around the corner of the office door and look at the fridge? A person hustling out the door with... you guessed it, my bag full of delicious leftovers. I stared at the gaping hole in the fridge where my lunch used to be.

And then I got mad.

So I walked outside and scoped out the area, looking at the classic bumspots, figuring I'd most assuredly see the man AND my bag out there. But after a few minutes of crinkling my nose in the sunlight, trying to spy my bag of leftover beef, I realized that the person who stole that bag probably needed the food more than I did, and that I was really REALLY stupid to think that I would confront a hungry homeless man if I DID in fact see the bag, knowing what multitude of danger I might face in such a situation.

And so... now the dilemma remains- how do I stay safe in the office? Looks like I'll be locking the door :)

That's the story of my stolen lunch.


Matthew said...

lock that door. I dont want to commit murder in your name.

Kimber said...

What's sad is that people who WORK in my office steal other people's lunches, breakfasts, and snacks from our fridge. We had team meeting once, and this lady made a breakfast casserole in the oven. While in our meeting, someone decided to sneak a corner piece (not a little one either) and nicely placed the foil back so that you couldn't tell, until we got upstairs to eat it and realized someone had snagged the piece. Silly people. I suggested putting cameras in our break room. Probably a little too much :)

melissa o said...

OH MY GOSH. Lock the door.

I'm no sure Matty can get Matthew off the murder hook yet. :)

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Oh my gosh, that's so crazy! Usually our bums sit in our window sills, only one has ever dared wander around inside. Even then, he didn't take food (to my knowledge).

Kaytee said...

Hey Claire, thanks for the invitation for lunch or coffee sometime. I would love to. Fridays are my day off so I'd totally be up for lunch or coffee on a Friday. It would be nice to hang out with someone other than my husband. :o) Oh, and here is my e-mail address so we don't have to keep communicating through blog comments: oberk@spu.edu. So yeah, let me know if you are still up for it.