Monday, July 09, 2007

Las Vegas!

Better late than never, eh?

So... for graduation my very sweet and generous parents took me and Matthew, and themselves (!) to Vegas! We went mid-June, and let me tell you- I'm pretty sure hell wasn't hotter than Vegas that weekend (think 104 and dry heat- though I hear that it was a balmy 128 a few days back- I'm so sorry BZ!)

Anyway, we stayed at Caesar's Palace, ate amazing food, drank some great drinks, gambled a few bucks, and had some great shopping success! It was an awesome time- Thanks Ma and Da!

Matthew and I went on a date to one of our faves, The Cheesecake Factory. Below are a few shots of him enjoying the Buffalo Blasts (these come highly recommeded- try and you'll see why!)

Mm.... a buffalo blast frames this picture :)

That night we had hors d'ouvres at a great italian place and then headed to our...CELINE DION concert! And let me tell you- that lady can SING. I loved her growing up and that was a special part of the trip- GREAT seats at Celine because this is her LAST year of her 5-year stint. It was truly amazing. It was produced by the former leader of Cirque du Soleil and wow- totally amazing. Even if you HATE her voice (I happen to love it) you would have liked this show.

Before the show we got free highly potent cocktails thanks to Matthew's military connections. Below we're sitting in our seats!

feelin good.

This is later that night when we ate at Rao- so delicious! Our reservation wasn't until 10:30, but it was worth it! A great post-Celine dining experience. And... can I just say- isn't my fiance stylin!?


And Aw again.

Not sure what this was, but here you have it!

The only gamblin' shot. We later found an awesome game that was based off of Top Gun- best penny slot machine EVER!

Here we are, dazed by heat, on our way back from the super-mega mall to our hotel. We're on those crazy moving walkways that are outside of the Venetian.

And again.

Saturday night we did the Chef's tasting menu at Tableau at the Wynn. WOW. Such a fun meal, such a BEAUTIFUL place- they truly spared no expense. And we saw La Reve (the dream) there- an aerial/aquatic type show- amazing. So entertaining and amazing!

Again- such a sexy fiance I have!

This is an odd thing we thought was funny- note below the little stool that this woman's purse is placed on. They did that on all non-booth tables- so funny! Really, this place is ridiculous but so fun!

We told them we were celebrating my dad's 65th birthday, my mom's retirement, our engagement and marriage, my graduation, Matt's graduation, commissioning, and 25th birthday....and in the end, they gave us official congrats on all of it!

It was SUCH a fun trip. I love Vegas and our time there was so much fun- a great break from the routine, and a little taste of the fun to come!


Mel said...

YAY! Thankyou for poating these!!! Matthew looks FAB and you look GORGEOUS and ma and da look spectacular as per usual!!!

Miss you all! And the Hermanator.

Mel said...

Thankyou = thank you

poating = posting

DUDE. Rough day.

Laura said...

I am sooooo excited to see you guys in a month! Psalm 145:15-16. In due time helps me a lot. :)

Ashley said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Kimber said...

Ha, that little purse chair IS funny.