Monday, July 09, 2007

Hermann Recovers.

Whenever Matthew drops me off, the Herm comes to greet us. Most often he climbs up on the top of his car, and we crack the moon roof, and he hangs out with us as we say our goodbyes for the night.

The pictures never turn out that well because its dark, but he's still so dang cute!

Hermann was bitten by something (!) the other day, and then his little neck got infected where he was attacked. Last Friday we had to take him in and get him put under so they could cut it out (gross!) and then he stayed over night at the little pet hospital. Poor guy!

I am happy to report that the little dude is doing quite well, and he looks forward to seeing you at your earliest convenience to give him the love, petting, and adoration he clearly deserves after such trauma!


Whitney said...

I love Hermann! He makes me want a kitty to keep Peto company.

Kimber said...

Hermann looks cute shaved. I love how cats feel when their hair is short like that.

Miss W said...

aaw,poor mew! I'm glad he's doing better. I feel so bad for animals when they are hurt/sick, because they don't know what's going on and you can't explain to them that soon they'll feel better.