Monday, April 23, 2007


On Thursday afternoon my mom and Aunt Sue arrived in New York! It was SO much fun having them here! I don't actually have much photographic evidence of me being with them because those pictures are all on my mom's camera, but here are a few pictures. Most of these are of Dash, or Dash and others... we got to spend some good times with the little guy at his house and at Central Park!

We went to lots of great meals, saw the city and walked for hours, and saw "The Drowsy Chaperone" Saturday night. They came to church with me on Sunday- it was so nice not to go alone! I'm excited that Matthew will be here for church next week, and then I'll only have one more week of church-going alone before I leave!

I'm pretty much ready to head out of this place. Thankfully, the weather has warmed RIGHT up (85 today!) and so we had a lovely weather weekend! I'll write more later, but here are the pix!

Dash on Friday morning at his house:

The biggest Good Night Moon EVER!

Fixing his cart with his wrench and beans.

Dash and his Grammy!

In the stroller- that look! His stroller gives him static hair!

Total topic change: A weird building sign on 35th st where my mom and aunt's hotel was... see if you can make out the writing and why I took the picture :)

Me and ma at the orchid show in Rockefeller center. I've never seen so many gorgeous flowers! It was so fun that we were there for that, they loved it too!

Now at Central Park with Ian, E, Dash, and Ma and auntie Sue!
Dash can say "flower."

He was very intently inserting things into his large plastic bag- very organized! Here he's holding the bag, and with his left hand is driving his red truck around on his leg.

Giving kisses to the finger monster!


Yes... he threw the ball. His release is a bit off- so he releases when his arm is just next to his ears and the ball goes straight up or backwards. You can see, though, that he has great follow-through!

That face!

And there you have it! Hopefully I'll post some of me and my aunt and my mom, but realistically that may not happen due to the camera's current location: Utah.

In the end... I had an absolutely wonderful time with them! I'm SO happy they came, it was exhausting but so much fun and I'm so happy to have had the time with them.
Thanks for making the trip ladies!


Matthew said...

Great Pictures! Excellent Update! I cannot wait to see you and everyone else this week in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks like you guys had so much fun. Be sure to give a big hug to Dash and the rest of the family for me. And thank you for the birthday card, I LOVED it!!!

Beth said...

Ummm...I can't think of any logical reason why children would need anything that could be called lingerie. Underpants, that's it. Sleepwear, sure. Lingerie, NO! I don't even wear lingerie.