Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last Assignment.

Today I turned in the last assignment I'll ever turn in during my Undergrad career.

I turned in my fiction portfolio. It feels so awesome to have that overwith!

Now I just have a few piano lessons, and a few pictures to take and print for my last photo critique on May 2.

I'm so happy to have this time! I'll be studying hard for the GRE now, and enjoying the visit of my mom and Aunt Sue this weekend, and Matthew next weekend!

Thanks for the help, reading, and support in general... and ESPECIALLY thank you to those who read and dealt with my drafts!


Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Claire, congratulations on the success. I have had a couple of friends study for the GRE and did some of the questions myself...a lot of study.


Anonymous said...

Wow, last assignment...Well good luck on the test, and i hope you have a awsome weekend with the family. Also, thank you for your prayers!!!