Thursday, October 12, 2006

Triangle = Life.

Lately Geometry has popped up in all sorts of inappropriate ways.

I read a 30 page dissertation on narrative structures in fiction writing, specifically short stories, and it continually referred to geometrical logic, etc, in order to illustrate ideas.

Geometry is forbidden to enter the sphere of that which I love: writing.

It also came up (can you tell I'm an algebra gal, not much for silly shapes and angles...) in my Narrative Investigations: we were looking at the desires of the characters, and consequently were using pyramids- triangles- to demonstrate the hierarchies of their desires and influences.

I say math should be outlawed, segregated where it belongs. Come on!

I almost feel it is making the ol' gig more palpable.... so confusing! I thought Geometry was far behind me, lost in the annals of high school math class!

So there is that.


Mel said...

I am not a geometry girl either!