Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Quickie Update.

How did it get so late, and I'm sitting here with 3 things on my list of "to do's" that now carry over to tomorrow... argghh.

ANyway... quick picture post for y'alls.

This weekend Staci and I went to the NY City Center for a Dance Concert. Some of it was great, some of it was crazy- those french people know how to make dance REEEEALLLY boring.

Anyway... before the show we went to a REALLY cute place called La Bonne Soupe- so adorable, good food, and certainly the best pecan pie I've ever had (mmm, pecan pie. Wait! FOCUS>).

Here we are at the restaurant:

I realize that these really don't show the restaurant, nor does this one show the theater. We'll try to be better at pictures this weekend.

In the end, thanks to my sweety-pie roomate Staci: it was great fun!


Matthew said...

Cant wait to see you in a week!