Saturday, December 04, 2004

Almost exactly a month later, I return!

Quick update:
Thanksgiving was AWESOME! I saw the fam, the boy, the bed, the state- what more could I want?
Visa is nearly complete- one more form and I am official!
November is over.
December is here. Finals are here.
Status of large Italian presentation: completed successfully.
All other projects/finals: in the process or looming.

So there we have the update! Lovely! Things are good! Yes, yes they are. As the weather turns crisp and I await my first New York snow (my first snow of the season was enjoyed in Utah !), I am ever-expecting. What? Well, why shouldn't I be expectant? I am twenty years old, I am in college, I'm going to live in Italy, Christmas is nearing, I'm growing in my faith, I love my boyfriend, my friends are well (though some crazy, we knew this...), and... God is doing amazing things every day. I guess I'm waiting to see, expecting to be used.
I'm tired, so that is as far as I go, but I'll try to be better. Really.