Friday, November 05, 2004

Snot Rocket!

As I gleefully trotted home from Italian class today, this cold and windy day in New York, I passed a happy man sipping a latte. Then I passed a woman cuddling her dog trying to draw warmth from its' pint-sized body. Another man looking hurried slid in front of a slow-moving woman with her cartful of groceries. And then it happened. It really just happend, on the street there, as I walked. Humming to the melody jingling in my head I glanced at a middle-aged man walking the opposite is true...he blew a snot rocket!
That's right! Full force- plug the left nostril, puff the chest, release the air storm, project the snot rocket onto the sidewalk, wipe the nose, smile cause 'I can breath'! Ew. But hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. And I had this uncontrollable (but let's be honest, I did control it) urge to run into Dean and Deluca and announce what I had seen! What a treasure, what a gem! It's not every day one sees a snot rocket so expertly ejected from a non-8th grade boy's shnoz!
Do you think this means 7 years of good luck?