Friday, November 05, 2004

Snot Rocket!

As I gleefully trotted home from Italian class today, this cold and windy day in New York, I passed a happy man sipping a latte. Then I passed a woman cuddling her dog trying to draw warmth from its' pint-sized body. Another man looking hurried slid in front of a slow-moving woman with her cartful of groceries. And then it happened. It really just happend, on the street there, as I walked. Humming to the melody jingling in my head I glanced at a middle-aged man walking the opposite is true...he blew a snot rocket!
That's right! Full force- plug the left nostril, puff the chest, release the air storm, project the snot rocket onto the sidewalk, wipe the nose, smile cause 'I can breath'! Ew. But hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. And I had this uncontrollable (but let's be honest, I did control it) urge to run into Dean and Deluca and announce what I had seen! What a treasure, what a gem! It's not every day one sees a snot rocket so expertly ejected from a non-8th grade boy's shnoz!
Do you think this means 7 years of good luck?

Monday, November 01, 2004

This is interesting. It is national novel writing month- this month we call November, Novembre, Novembre, Novembre (italian, spanish, then french accent, if you please). My dear sweet brother Ian (soon to be nobel prize winning author and platinum recording artist) is participating in the nanowrimo challenge. That is, that each participant write 50,000 in the month of November (demanding a minimum of 1,666 words each day of the month). It is a challenge to help writers get past their mental blocks, to have to write with a deadline and really spit it out. As explained to me, it isn't really an issue of "winning" or writing something fantastic that will win you your first Pulitzer, but rather, it is the challenge and the feat of completing the goal you set (that 2500 others have also set) that is your prize. I like it. If I were a writer, I'd do it.
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