Sunday, April 18, 2004


Long time no write, right? (cue drums).

So yeah, it's been a GREAT weekend in New York- 60s and 70s and sunny- what a change from the horrible cold and rain we've had. There's more rain in the forecast.. but it's not gettin cold again until NEXT YEAR when I'm back as a sophomore!

I have 3 weeks left-- well less than that... 2 weeks of class, and then finals... and Ma and Kim are coming two weeks from today! I have SPRING FEVER so bad... I can't wait to get home and just be home! YES!

The adjunct (part time) profs are supposed to be striking starting on Wednesday because the University will not meet their demands for a 400% raise (resulting in a 27% tuition increase.. yeah, WHATEVER!!~ I'll be striking if THAT happens!)... so we'll see how that goes!

Last Thursday I went to the Passion experience tour which featured the David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall Band, Chris Tomlin Band, and Lou Giglio as the speaker. 3,000 people filled the Beacon theatre on 74th and Broadway... SO AMAZING! That was so encouraging! Don't' miss the 4 day conference in January 2005-- 17,000 Christian College students convening in one place to Study and WORSHIP God---- WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT? So yeah--- has all the info-- BE THERE!

I'll be back!