Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.

That's right, it's Sunday. I'm so excited for church! I have missed my church family here, and I'll say it again even though it's cheesy! I missed them! But don't get me wrong, I'm very excited that I got to spend so much time at WHBC and see so many good friends and be encouraged by some things going on there. I hope that the vote goes well tonight (Drumroll please), I can't wait to see what things P-G will turn upsidedown!

Now on to the reality that stares me in the face for the next four days (we take it week by week over here). I really like my classes. I've had a more than healthy does of the Big Bang Theory in my History of the Universe class, but we all knew that one would come up. The Professor is really great though, and isn't force feeding us anything, he's a "I'll tell you what is out there, you decide"kind of guy, which I like. Run-on sentence much? I like my other classes too, although I think I will really have a better feel of how things will go after this week. Homework is already freely flowing from the syllabi, so at least that feels normal. hehe.

Also: it's cold here. Not that, oh a little nip in the air cold, it FREEZING. Just yesterday Ian and I were walking back from lunch when we found ourselves wrapped up in the coldest ocean of winter air I've ever met. That was a cruel one. Layering people, it's all about the layering. Wow. But then again, I heard it was minus six in good ol' Logan (yeuh, yeuh) so what can I complain about? Well, maybe the wind and the humidity that provides the cold with a knife to cut me to the bone with it's chilly self. Eh, maybe not.

So there you are for now. I realize this wasn't the most coherent of entries, and not very exciting either, but hey, I tried, right? Anyway, like Brett said, "Have a Wonderful day of Worship!"

Oh, and PS> If you are one of the people who said they would call but didn't--- do.