Friday, July 10, 2009

The New Car!


After realizing that having one car would be extremely challenging for us come fall when I'm on campus at APSU 4 days a week and Matthew is working full days, we decided it was time to man up, and buy another car.

Trust me, this came with hours and hours and months and months (actually years) of discussion. I'll say initially thought of another car was much to my dismay. I loved not having 2 cars... felt like we were doing something food for the world, and being responsible. And plus, I'd rather ride the bus or subway than drive.

Unfortunately, 'round these parts, ain't no subway, and the bus is where folk get murdered. SO... exhibit a, our new car!

we feel so grown up!


Joshua said...

Ooooo... nice!

Kimber said...

Yay for Honda's! I love them :)

ryann and jeff said...

it's sooo pretty! does this mean that matthew's car is no longer in the garage? if so, is he ok with it? now that we have our new car, mine got banished to the driveway and i'm seriously not handling it well.

Ashley said...

I like it, yeah for Hondas!

melissa o said...

So sexy!! Thank you for posting pictures - I know I wouldn't shut-up about. She's (He's?) gorgeous! Is s/he named yet?

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Oooh - I love! Noah totally plays for Team Honda, and has been a little sad since we bid his adieu (uh, more than a year and a half ago?!). Pretty sure we'll join the Honda ranks again one day.