Thursday, November 13, 2008


So last Friday I had a day of awesomeness.

It started out with Life cereal, and so of course you know you're setting yourself up for a great day when you start it with Life.

I then went and hit around a racquetball with my friend Jen, and though I had a few pretty horrible whiffs, over all it was great.

THEN I went to Zumba. If you haven't heard of Zumba google it up-- it is a group fitness class that uses latin dance to give a great and FUN work out. Last week was my second time, and let me tell you, the first and second classes were seriously some of the most fun I've had in QUITE a while. If you like dancing AT ALL, you should look up this class in your local area and DO IT.

This is why I loved it (and why you will too).
1. I got to shake my booty, and no one laughed.
2. I got to shimmy, and no one laughed.
3. I got to jam out to various latinish music mixes.
4. I got to burn calories by dancing!
5. I smiled a LOT because I felt so cool doing the merengue, mamba, salsa, and several other fun dances.

So you get the idea. Really. It was SO much fun. SO much fun! And even though I didn't know all the steps the first time around I could pick it up quickly and still have a great time, so don't be intimidated! Just go! SO FUN!

After that I did homework, and normal stuff like that. I did go buy some shoes I have had my eye on and found them on sale somewhere I hadn't looked before. I have been enjoying that purchase-of-awesomeness all this week :)

The awesomeness continued that night when Leslie and I went to the Post Theater where we got to stand for the National Anthem before the movie played. The unawesomeness of the day was that we saw Nights of Rodanthe which was pretty sad, but then we should have known. But the great part was that we only paid 4$ for it, and the post theater is surprisingly nice here!

So, thanks to everyone who contributed to my day of awesomeness!


melissa o said...

Yay for the day of awesomeness!!!! I may have to try this Zumba out - I like to shake my bum and it's even COOLER if no one laughs at me!

Leslie said...

Glad I could help!

Whitney said...

HA! I'm trying that dance class this next week! One of my friends from work goes and I want to be healthier. I hope I like it. I remember standing for the National Anthem when we went to the movies on base. We saw Masters of the Universe in Florida.