Thursday, May 03, 2007

Weekend Update.

Matthew was here last weekend from early Friday morning (thanks for braving the redeye love!) until Tuesday evening- a very nice little trip!

Friday we hung out, went to the Navigators year-end banquet (SO fun to see everyone and introduce them to the love of my life!) and then met up with Staci, Sabrina, Stephanie, and Dave! Josh, Laure, Matthew, and I met them at Finnerty's for a drink and some darts. See pictures below!

Laura's ready to leave, hehe...

Aw. That's better!


We got to do some very fun stuff over the weekend, including seeing a broadway show, going to lots of great meals, going to redeemer, walking ALL over the place, shopping... and the list goes on! On Monday we got to hang out with Dash and Elizabeth at Stuyvesant Park- so nice!


E and Dash.

Dashiel absolutely LOVES Matthew. He couldn't get enough of him!

Touching noses, so cute!

He's good with the babies, folks!

We had a wonderful time, I'm so glad he was able to make it out for one last trip! Here's one last picture of City Hall....

I will miss New York, but with getting to "tour" the city with my mom and Aunt last weekend, and Matthew this past weekend, I've gotten to see it and experience it quite a bit. I'm so glad I've had visitors to share this place with, and now I get to enjoy the last weekend in New York with my dear friend and roommate of four years Staci! I'm sure there will be more pictures to come after this weekend!


Laura said...

OMG!!! In my defense, that was my house mouth face. I was buzzing my lips. :) Well, it was a fun night, regardless.

Laura said...

That is a bit better. Plus, my man looks really darn hot in it. I'm one lucky woman. :) (I'm so glad you understand my mushiness and won't get grossed out.)

Ashley said...

Very cute!

Matthew said...

It was an excellent weekend! Good pictures. Have you taken a class or something on photography? We will all have to go out for drinks and darts again in August.

melissa o said...

Oh my GOSH. That picture of Dash and Matt with their noses touching just about made me tear-up. CUTEST thing EVER!!!!!!