Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Long Over Due- Shake your Shack.

This is long over due.

I was thinking I had put these up here, so if they seem familiar, sorry. Staci says I didn't, and she's the one who matters anyway, so there.

SO here's to you lovely Baltimorian lady!

Our adventures at the shake shack:

Here is our view from the line that was stacked yards outside the shack- it's a walk up shack, in essence, in the middle of Madison Sq. Park in NY. Very popular people, very.

Me and Staci- muy hungry and ready for some fried food!

Another view of the Shack.

The pick-up window at the shack.

Staci awaits our order (while I guard our table).

Shakes and Burgers, what more do you want?


Me and my burger and shake!

A view from the park.

A look back at the hubbub of the Shake Shack.

We will be back, my friend, we will be back.

Miss you like rasbrees!


Kim-Kim said...

mmmm, that looks quite tasty. It kind of reminds me of a place called Dick's on Capital Hill in Seattle. If you have ever heard the song "Possie's on Broadway" by Sirmixalot, then you have heard of Dick's.

Kim-Kim said...

Correction: Capitol Hill

Staci said...

Ahh I love you!

Mel said...

That looks like some good times with your Stac!