Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Long Over Due- Shake your Shack.

This is long over due.

I was thinking I had put these up here, so if they seem familiar, sorry. Staci says I didn't, and she's the one who matters anyway, so there.

SO here's to you lovely Baltimorian lady!

Our adventures at the shake shack:

Here is our view from the line that was stacked yards outside the shack- it's a walk up shack, in essence, in the middle of Madison Sq. Park in NY. Very popular people, very.

Me and Staci- muy hungry and ready for some fried food!

Another view of the Shack.

The pick-up window at the shack.

Staci awaits our order (while I guard our table).

Shakes and Burgers, what more do you want?


Me and my burger and shake!

A view from the park.

A look back at the hubbub of the Shake Shack.

We will be back, my friend, we will be back.

Miss you like rasbrees!


Kimber said...

mmmm, that looks quite tasty. It kind of reminds me of a place called Dick's on Capital Hill in Seattle. If you have ever heard the song "Possie's on Broadway" by Sirmixalot, then you have heard of Dick's.

Kimber said...

Correction: Capitol Hill

Anonymous said...

Ahh I love you!

melissa o said...

That looks like some good times with your Stac!