Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pictorial: Food I Been Cookin.

For the New Year I made Matthew a chocolate pie.
If you like chocolate pie, this is a pretty darn satisfying recipe, and it is muy easy too.
Butter and sugar:

Add melted chocolate:
Add eggs:

Pour into crust:

Topped with some whipped cream and chocolate curls.

That little feller turned out real nice. Check out the recipe here.

Another thing I've tried out a few times lately is no-kneed bread. I got an awesome book for my birthday (Thanks Staci! Courtesy of your giftcard!) that I've been reading about, and now I have it in me hot little hands. It is pretty much the easiest bread recipe ever. Take flour, water, salt, and a bit of yeast, combine in a bowl. Leave it alone for 12-18 hours. shape into a ball, leave for second rise. Heat a dutch oven or ceramic pot, and then dump the bread into it. Cook it up, and voila:

It doesn't look super pretty, but it is much like Tuscan bread when all is said and done. The first one I made I kind of over did and the crust got a bit tough. I made another one last week, and it turned out SO well!

Kitty break!

Here is the second loaf:

Beautiful! And I even messed it up a little- forgot to use bread flour and instead used regular, and yet, it worked! Woot!

The dinner I made with the bread was a roasted vegetable and Italian sausage over penne. REALLY good. I'll post the recipe in a bit.

I've decided to try new recipes every week, and for some reason I thought a banana dessert would be good. It was certainly limited ingredients that I already had, and quick. What I neglected was the fact that Matthew and I both dislike cooked bananas. For some reason I thought we might get past that with this dessert.

Well, we didn't.
They are sauteed bananas with sweet and tangy cream. The sauce was really great, and the glaze on the bananas was nice. It is an orangey glaze and I happened to use a blood orange which I thought was going to be pretty, but actually turned out to look a little bit like a robitussin glaze. hah. But if you like sauteed bananas, this would be a decent and quick dessert.

That concludes this portion of Food I Been Cookin :)


Jan said...

OH, Yum Yum, thanks Claire, I will try the bread for sure!!!

melissa oholendt said...

PIE! I am a sucker for a chocolate pie - did you do the crust yourself?