Saturday, January 02, 2010

Our Christmas.

This year we had our "Christmas morning" on the weekend before we went to Utah so that we could have some time together, a special meal, and exchange our gifts for each other at home.

Our tree! Notice how the ornaments stop about 2/3 of the way down the tree. As Dutch pulled them off we just replaced them higher up. He has pretty much hammered out cheapie little fake tree, but it still works well despite.

Our happy little stockings, and that little one in the middle is D's of course.
He got a new feather toy, and played with it for probably 3 hours straight.
We got great gifts from each other- spoiled each other with the thought that we won't be together next year (most likely), and I think we're both glad we did.

That night I made my first tenderloin roast, and it turned out PERFECTLY! Holy CRAP it was good! The internal temp and EVERYTHING! Next time I make one I'll do a step by step, it was so easy and SO awesome! Pricey cut of meat, but it fed us a fancy dinner TWO nights in a row and the cost of ONE roast is what you'd pay for a 7oz filet at outback. I followed Pioneer Woman's instructions and will changer her seasoning a bit, but yet again, win one for the fabulous PW! (the chocolate pie I made was also hers, and also awesome)

I just did simple sides: boursin smashed potatoes,
Sauteed Garlic Spinach,

and some fabulous rolls!
It was a great dinner, and a great Christmas day for us!
Our time in Utah was VERY short, but very sweet. We spent quality time with our families and even had a night to spend with a few friends.

I didn't think to start taking pictures until later on, so if you were there and I didn't snap a picture of you, I'm very sorry! I'm especially sorry I didn't get a shot of Lisa, Kyle, and Nolan who is now TWO! Crazy!

Ashley and Thaddeus

Kelli with Baby Jane, Colby, Amy, and Julie!

Robby and Crystal

Brady and Baby Blue

Me and Baby Blue! So fun to see our friends' children!

Matthew and Colby and Blue.

Me and Micah

Jesse and Pete

We did an unusually bad job at taking pictures of family, though I think other members of the fam did take some, so I'll post those if I get my hands on them. For now, here's one of the now FOUR years old Dash!

Whenever we go to Utah, we have a list of places to eat. On the top of our list this time around were only a few since we were only in town 6 days, two of which were spent traveling. This was definitely the fewest days either of us has been in Utah in one year-- we were away for an entire year straight! Crazy. We got to eat most places, including our often-longed-for Bajio!

Me about to dive into my Bajio salad
Matthew is so excited, he's almost in pain.
And that's about it folks! We had a great Christmas with our families, Matthew got to ski once, and we did see a few friends. Six days in one year is NOT enough. I should be back more next year, and you are certainly welcome to come see what our lives are like out here!

We hope your Christmases were wonderful too, and we hope to see you soon! Here are a few parting shots of what our cat has been up to the last little while...

Hanging out in a sack


Squirrel hunting
Hard to see, but top leftish is the squirrel, and Dutchy is down at the bottom, hunting again.


Happy New Year too!


melissa oholendt said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuute! Dutch is hilariously cute. I can't believe Dash is 4! That is CRAZY.

So fun to see the Utah peeps - I can't believe how big Blue is and adorable everyone is!!!