Thursday, July 09, 2009

Slickety Slickety Slack.

Well hello.

I come to you a penitent blogger, knowing that I have been inconsistent. And yet, I suppose it shows that I've been doing other things, maybe, and so I guess you can take solace in that.

We've come off of block leave at the end of June. That time was FABULOUS. We had three 4-day weekends, and Matthew didn't work past noon at any point. It was so nice to have that, and GREAT that we didn't actually take any leave during that period, and yet had so much free time.

Matthew is now in Air Assault school- this entails a whole bunch of things that I don't fully understand, but I know it includes rigging vehicles and other items to helicopters, and also repelling out of helicopters. He has to remember loads of numbers... I've been helping him study and yipes. He's doing well so far, and barring any craziness, will graduate on the 15th. Then he'll be Airborne and Air Assault qualified, no big deal!

And me? Oh, not much going on here. Really. I've been trying to be a good steward of my time, working to chip away at the long list of books I need to have read by December, and attempting to make some good food as well. Our garden is flourishing and we are really enjoying our yard and house lately.

OH! And we bought a new car! I have taken pictures, but I haven't loaded them up, so when I do, I'll post our new car (wow, talk about freedom! 2 cars!!!), and some pictures of our little garden.

As you can see, nothing to riveting going on here, but we are happy, which is nice. Now if the news would only move on from all the Michael Jackson business, and report on SOMETHING else!

More soon....


melissa o said...

Yay! New car, gorgeous garden, living life without time to blog - that is GREAT.

Love you mucho.