Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Going to DisneyWorld!

Just a quick note to say Matthew and I depart tomorrow morning at 4:00am to head to Disneyworld for 5 nights! We'll be back Saturday afternoon, and are So excited for some time away!

This will be our first non-family-visiting trip (ie: vacation) since our honeymoon- we're excited!!!

If you call, text, e-mail, IM, or facebook me (or him), I am THRILLED to say I won't answer! Well, text, yes, but anything else no. No internet for 6 glorious days, and I'm psyched!

We'll have lots of pictures to share when we return, I have no doubt!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pathology Report.


That is the GREAT news of my day (week, year, life thus far),
and I hope it brightens your day too.

Thank you Lord!

Friday, May 15, 2009

So Check Me Out!

Me pre-surgery. This crazy gown plus in to a machine and then it heats and cools you- weird!
My sweet parents with me.

Me and Da.

Me and my sweet Matthew. I think he really loved the cap.

I was so nervous before! It was such a relief to wake up a few hours later and have the actual surgery over, and face the unknown post-surgical reality.

More pics soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Flipside.

I made it!

I mean, really, we didn't actually doubt that I would MAKE it through surgery, but here I am.

I thought I'd let you all know- though most of you keep track of me in other ways, it seemed only fair.

The surgery went well, and the great news is they only had to take out half the thyroid. The cysts are being tested to make sure they were totally benign, and we'll know all those results later this week.

The incision, according to my father the surgeon, and my mother the nurse, is artful. I still don't have a great sense of it since it is under steristrips, but it does seem rather small.

The change to my famously fabulous (just ask Mel) decolletage... it's different. That is one thing that began to psych me out as the operation drew nearer-- a change to my body that would be permanent, irreversible. It's strange that that matters, that it is even something to think about. I suppose I've been fortunate to only break a pinky and never have any surgeries that have left scars before. But I know that now my collarbone/neck area is still fabulous, perhaps even more so, because... it is mine. Unique, and it will tell the story of the eviction of Frank and Vinney. And what's more, the rumor has it after a while one will hardly notice it.

Other than the incision, I'm feeling pretty good. Still pretty low energy- small tasks are pretty tiring (I never appreciated what NOT a big deal it is to blow dry my hair on a normal day), but over all I'm up and out of bed all day. Swallowing isn't hurting anymore which is REALLY nice- the breathing tube caused some nice soreness there, and the surgery as well. Fortunately that seems to be all but gone.

What else can I tell you? No real exertion allowed for 3 weeks, but I can walk around as much as a I like... on that note, anyone want to take a stroll later this week!?

Psychologically all is well too. In the wake of the surgery there are a lot of hormones that surface after the body has protected itself with an adrenaline-induced euphoria. That is gone, and so the last day or so has been replete with crying and fleeting depressive moments. I suppose this is good as it means my body has gone the normal course I'm healing as I should. Between those lovely intervals, I know all is well... and I'm looking forward to the hormones leveling out.

What I take away from this over all is that I have been blessed. My surgeon and all the people who were involved with my care were FABULOUS- I can't say that enough, my care was EXCELLENT. And yes, it WAS an Army Doctor, at an Army hospital on an Army post. So far there are NO negative results-- all the what ifs were avoided. My vocal chords appear to be untouched, and the parathyroid glands that process calcium are still a' workin!

I am also blessed to have such amazingly loving parents and a husband who would do anything for me. They have all been so absolutely wonderful and loving, I can't express that enough. My sweet siblings did an excellent job of loving me from afar by pestering my mom for updates, which I appreciate so much. I'm blessed with thoughtful friends who came to visit me in the hospital, sent flowers, and kept up with my progress through various mediums. I am so thankful for the literally dozens of people who were and are praying for me- this was truly a blessing.

Thank you again, each of you who care for me. The love and support you've shown has been so encouraging. Once my neck has healed a bit more I'll post pictures of my neck with the conspicuous absence of the cysts- I'm extremely excited to fully realize that!

Ok, I'll stop babbling. Thanks again, and praise God for a very successful surgery and immediate recovery. I'll be around the next few weeks more than usual since school's out, and I'm recovering, and I have no summer job yet :)