Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashion Consult.

So our Battalion formal is this coming Thursday night. I have a dress! But I am lost otherwise.

The dress is a floor length dark silver color. It has sparkly/beaded straps that go up from about the top of my arms and cross in back just at the top of my neck and reconnect. The back under that is all open and then the dress comes in just above my waist again. I don't know if that helps, but there you have it.

The dress, floor length, comes down and is slightly pleated, the over all style I'd say is Grecian. I think it is pretty unique, not like something I've ever worn before.

SO.... what to do with my hair? This is my hair these days- shorter than it has been in a while, so I'm not sure the down, long, curled look will be as nice (cause that is my "nice hair" fall back). As we ALL know, there's no chance I'll let anyone else touch my hair, but my question to you all is: up do? Any suggestions? Or should I still do it down?

So there's the hair these days.

Also, what kind of shoes? It is still cold on and off. Black shoes? Silver shoes? Closed to? Open toe?

And then makeup-- have any of you guys tried fake eyelashes? I know, weird, but I really want to try them! They seem fancy and fun and different.

Ok, well, let me know what you all think. Not a TON of time, so chime in!

(PS> If you saw Padme's hair on Top Chef this past week, I kind of like that style, but couldn't find a picture).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Mom and Dad's Blog!

Hi all!

Most of you, if you're lucky, know my fabulous and hilarious parents. They are so wonderful and insightful, and as of late they have been having some major adventures around this crazy world.

Now they have a blog!

Check it out, comment, and support their efforts! This is a big step for them, so here's to them!

Welcome to the blogging world Ma and Da!

Monday, February 02, 2009



I hope that this is a great day, a great week, and the beginning of a great Month for you! And hey, why not, a GREAT beginning to the next year of your fabulous life!


Plan to Visit!

Alright folks, the days are going by and we're now in to February! CRAZY!

What that means is that you need to start making plans to visit us! We'd love to visit you, but for the forseeable future Matthew won't have leave to....leave. SO... come see US!

Southwest is having the "Yes you Can" sale, and I just checked, you can get here and back from SLC for 200 bucks! HELLO!

Anyway..... just planting that little idea in your head :)