Friday, March 28, 2008

What I'm Eating and Liking.

I'm so glad that it is warming up-- my cravings are turning from fries and burgers (though those never REALLY leave) to my undeniable desire for fresh fruit, light salads, and other fresh dishes. Phew! Granted, I did make Calzones last night that were delicious, but still. I just had a ridiculously healthy lunch if I do say so, and I enjoyed it, and my belly is quite pleased.

So, all that is to say, here are a few things I've been enjoying:

1) Grapefruit! I'm sad to see this fruit's peak season go.

2) Arugula. SO flavorful!

3) chives. Love them. I can't wait to grow my own herbs! I'll be planting my awesome Christmas gift from Whitney- a little window box with herb seeds- as soon as we settle in KY!

4) Ripe cherry tomatoes... mmm!

5) Wasa rye. Its so boring until you dress it up and make it delicious!

6) Feta Cheese.

7) Parmesan Cheese.

8) Chevre.

(ok, so those last three are far from super healthy. But SO good! Hey, all things in moderation! I'll never give up the good stuff!)

9) Asparagus. It is in season now so its cheap! A few nights ago I cut it up, boiled it and melted a tiny bit of butter, then seasoned with S+P- it was suprisingly tasty. Since Matt won't touch the stuff I just ate my leftovers at lunch!

10) Lemons! For some reason I JUST picked up on the whole 'put it in my water when I'm at home" thing and I'm LOVING it. For some reason a few slices of lemon in a glass of water is so beautiful to me... and of course, makes ol' H2O more exciting.

Anyway... What are you enjoying? Even if it ain't the good fer ya business? Do share!


melissa o said...

Ooo yum - what am I loving? Sushi and the Chicken Sesame Salad from Bruegger's (minus almonds and sesame seeds and only half the dressing. YUM.)

Anonymous said...

The wasa is really yummy with some havarti, turkey, tomato, and avocado. And it's still healthy (adds some protein!) if the havarti is sliced thinly. And it looks really nice too. I always enjoy my healthy food more when it looks good.

Whitney said...

I've been on a sushi binge for awhile. Mexican crunch roll at Osaka is my fave (deep fried of course) And I'm quite proud of myself for cutting back on the eating out and have been making my own dinners. (I saved 70 bucks this month!) Of course it's nothing fancy, just down home Teter food. Tater tot casserole, salmon patties, yum yum...

Kimber said...

I will always have a deep love for Salmon. Always. And I find myself eating a lot of that that Laughing Cow little cheese traingles, they go great with GF crackers! And lastly, I have created my own recipe for a tasty smoothie that includes soy ice cream mixed with apple-carrot-orange-pinapple juice and a little bit of ice. Way yum!

ryann and jeff said...

i too love asparagus! only just discovered it in the last few years. have you ever had grilled asparagus? it's the best. you put olive oil and seasoning salt in zip lock bag with the asparagus and get the asparagus good and soaked, then you grill it. mmmm.... you know it's done grilling when it smells like corn.