Thursday, May 17, 2007

One Week Ago.

It seems very strange that a week ago at this time I was sitting in the middle of Washington Square Park with 15,000 other people, shrouded in a purple robe and topped with a black mortar board hearing Wynton Marsalas play the trumpet for his graduation speech.

And now? I'm sitting on the floor outside my office, waiting for someone to come open it since I don't have keys yet. As of today I've worked about 30 hours, done all kinds of things, and still gotten to spend a little bit of time with Matthew and the fam. Elizabeth and Dash are here, and Ian will be arriving in about 45 minutes. Tonight is my mom's "Big Hat Dinner"- she's getting a community award for her stellar service- only three women including her have received this award in the last 50 years!

I'm working at the GOAL Foundation- the place I worked last summer as well. It is good to be back, and I'm looking forward to the time when the marathon is over (saturday!) and I can figure out how my weeks will look a bit better. At this point my hours are a bit crazy and a bit more than I'll work regularly and I'm happy with that because so far I feel like I skipped summer! I understand that you don't get summers as you get older, but that's why I want to enjoy this last one! Really though, I'm happy to be at GOAL and thrilled to be working on the marathon and diving into a routine already. Hopefully things will calm down after Saturday and I can catch up on lunch dates and wedding plans!

Hope to see or hear from each of you soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tomorrow is only a day away.

Duh, you knew that? So did I silly!

But the point is... tomorrow I graduate! Insanity!

I have my college- Gallatin- graduation tomorrow at 2, then a Graduation Alley celebration complete with fireworks tomorrow night, and then Thursday morning I join the rest of the graduating class (I will post the number when I find out- probably this weekend) in Washington Square Park!


I'm pretty psyched. Its fun. Its sad. But mostly, I'll be relieved when its over.. you know?

Home on Friday am- I return to life in Utah for six months and happily rejoin my fiance to END our long distance relationship!

Work starts Monday, and if you still haven't signed up for the Ogden Marathon (volunteer!) then get to it!

Looking forward to catching up and you shared wisdom about graduating, or your offer for a free lunch (ha... just kidding. But lunch WITH you would be good!).


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Purdy Much Done Fer.

Today I took the GRE. DONE!

Yesterday was my last final. DONE!

A week from today I will attend NYU's All University Graduation in Washington Square Park. ALMOST DONE!

I picked up my cap n' gown on Tuesday with Matthew- so fun! It was great to get it- nice bright NYU Violet that reportedly bleeds onto clothing- I'll be wearing black underneath, especially since it is supposed to rain!

Anyway, just a little update. I'll be home a week from tomorrow, I start work on Monday the 14th... the party keeps on a' rollin!

Hope you all are doing well!

Weekend Update.

Matthew was here last weekend from early Friday morning (thanks for braving the redeye love!) until Tuesday evening- a very nice little trip!

Friday we hung out, went to the Navigators year-end banquet (SO fun to see everyone and introduce them to the love of my life!) and then met up with Staci, Sabrina, Stephanie, and Dave! Josh, Laure, Matthew, and I met them at Finnerty's for a drink and some darts. See pictures below!

Laura's ready to leave, hehe...

Aw. That's better!


We got to do some very fun stuff over the weekend, including seeing a broadway show, going to lots of great meals, going to redeemer, walking ALL over the place, shopping... and the list goes on! On Monday we got to hang out with Dash and Elizabeth at Stuyvesant Park- so nice!


E and Dash.

Dashiel absolutely LOVES Matthew. He couldn't get enough of him!

Touching noses, so cute!

He's good with the babies, folks!

We had a wonderful time, I'm so glad he was able to make it out for one last trip! Here's one last picture of City Hall....

I will miss New York, but with getting to "tour" the city with my mom and Aunt last weekend, and Matthew this past weekend, I've gotten to see it and experience it quite a bit. I'm so glad I've had visitors to share this place with, and now I get to enjoy the last weekend in New York with my dear friend and roommate of four years Staci! I'm sure there will be more pictures to come after this weekend!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two of my favorites, on TV!

Hey Everyone!

I'm alive, yes, and I'll be posting a few updates today and the next few days, fear not.

For NOW, I want to post this link to a clip of two of my favorite people advertising two of my favorite things: Rooster's restaurant and The GOAL foundation (my soon to be employer! woohooo!). Check out this clip about the Ogden marathon, and catch the recipe for Lemony artichoke Shrimp!

If you're interested in volunteering for the marathon, or RUNNING the marathon, half marathon, relay, or 5K, SIGN UP! You can go to The GOAL Foundation or Ogden Marathon websites and sign up! If you want to run sign up asap, its almost full!

I'll be volunteering, and you can ask anyone else who has volunteered for GOAL things (Kelli, Kimber, and Emylie did the marathon last year, Brady, Colby, and Matthew did the Xterra Triathlon last august) you'll see how much fun they are! Even if you don't do either of those, you can still come to downtown Ogden on race day to be a part of things! Really, its a great way to get involved with the community by supporting athleticism, volunteerism, and FUN!

Don't be a wuss -- run or volunteer!