Sunday, December 10, 2006

Progress Report.

Finals time. Yikes. I realized I haven't kept you very well updated, and some of you are confused at the goings on unless you talk with me daily or see me every few days- so here is the latest:

I turned down the internship- I believe this was the right decision and feel very much at peace with it. (yes (for those confused), I interviewed, was offered the internship, and then turned it down).

I am finished with Finals on Wednesday at 6:00pm (maybe earlier). Until then I'll be pretty crazed, but honestly things are going well. I have solid drafts of both papers due on Wednesday completed that need only minor changes and input. I have an Irish oral test that I'm taking tomorrow at 3:30. Tuesday is my final in piano. Wednesday I'll hand in my papers and then my last class is an essay test on Twelfth Night and King Lear. So overall, not too bad. Having last week's papers and groups projects happily behind me, the work I put in on Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday has really helped this week seem not at all bad. It is stressful, but knowing its the last of its kind (here I come 10 credits!!!) is a GREAT feeling.

I head home on Thursday morning- I'll be leaving the apartment around 4:45am! Woo!

So there you have it. Mostly this post was written for me to clear my thoughts, and for you confuseled kids to know what's up. And for Miss Whitney- to have a little more info on finals time so she can relish vicariously :) Holla.

Anyway. Should have some fun news coming up, and ideally some pictures. But hey, I know I'm full of promises....


melissa o said...

I can't wait to get a more in-depth update tomorrow night!!

Whitney C. said...

yesssss! :) Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through this post! It reminded me that one year during finals I took off to Atlanta to see Paul McCartney in concert, then came home the next day and took my final in the afternoon. Good times!