Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vending Machine Food and Other Thoughts.

A list of things I've thought today:

1. I dislike snack foods- chips, small crunchy cookies, popcorn, etc, but if I had to choose one very satisfying time to partake of it, I'd get it on break in class, and I'd get Nacho Cheese Doritos. Some call them gross, I call them fattening and

2. There's a nail place that is currently advertising that they need to hire a full time receptionist and bar tender. Thought that was weird.

3. It's a bummer to get home from work or class and have it be really dark. I don't really know what to do with myself.

4. I love my professors. I'm amazed at how almost every class they say something about how "I was thinking about this (insert theme/issue/discussion topic from class) and how it related to...etc".. and that I know they mean it. These people are totally invested in what they teach. That can be intense sometimes, but I love it-- and those are the moments when I get that little flutter of desire to be just like them.

5. There is meaning to life, we are not mere "players" who strut and fret.

6. I love mail. Sending and receiving. Thanks to those of you who have sent of late! Forget "Music be the food of love..." it is "MAIL be the food of love!"

7. I check my e-mail too much.

8. I like old people, especially ones with habits that I get to observe.

9. This will be the first year since I turned 18 that I haven't voted. I say this past tense because I inadvertently waited too long to submit my request for an absentee ballot. I apologize fellow Americans! And also... don't forget to vote!

10. If you're stressed out this time of year, just chill. I've found that I really have no reason to stress, and yet I've been so moody and weird lately, and I think mostly due to stress. I think it takes EFFORT to relax. If you like the Bible, check out what Psalm 131 has to say on the matter.

And that is all for now, though I feel like I'm in an avoid-homework-by-blogging mood.
And ps... if you haven't updated your blog lately, don't be a bum. Share a little of what is going on in your life- doesn' t have to be fancy, but that's what its there for! Said outta love, of course!


Sarah said...

i love old people too! i work where we have a lot of "regulars" and i love them! they're the best!

AMY said...

i don't think i can vote this time either! arghh (some days i like to talk like a pirate) anyway, we didn't put in soon enough our change of address, but i'm going to try to vote at the old place anyway and see what happens.

Beth said...

I get to hang out with a bunch of old vietnamese people today. They have a lot of phlegm and not a lot of teeth, and they don't speak english at all, but they're SO stinkin' cute!