Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well friends! I'm off in about a half hour to the ol' JFK to board British Airways to go to one of my favorite cities on earth (that I know of thus far).

I will be seeing my big bro-ha perform two nights to sold-out London crowds whilst hanging with the coolest parents I know (mine, of course) and a fantastico lady name E-lizabeth!

If you are one of the 10 people I owe an e-mail, give yourself a hug from me, and know that upon my return you will recieve a GOOD one. I apologize for not getting a response to you but I figure quality, not timeliness (a twist on the old saying, I know).

A few housekeeping items:

- I must correct myself because the cheese I like, as I realized after reading Whitney's comment, is LAUGHING cow, not skinny cow (but Skinny Cow does exist and they make fantastic popsicles!)

-Thank you to Staci for being on top of Ticket Central- you rock my world Roomate! We are SO COOL! And I'm SO glad you're better! Don't forget to get the DVD from my mail box if you want 'er!

-If you are a New Yorker and want to see WAS play in December, go to and go to shows- there's a link there where you can buy tickets to their early-December show in Brooklyn at Northsix--- you know you want to come!

And that is all for now-- hope to put some fantastico pictures up upon my return on Sunday!


melissa o said...

I am super, super excited for you...

Matthew said...

Have a great time in England! See you in less than two weeks!