Monday, October 16, 2006


Hey all,

Well I had all these grand plans to blog away this weekend, and it just didn't happen.

I'd like to give a general update on life, and then hopefully in the days to come (or more likely after I get back from Utah) I'll blog more in depth.

1- My rationale is approved by my advisor! The next step is for the second approval by an anonymous reader to come through which should take a few weeks. Here we go!

2- I have my collquium committee, now I just need to choose a date. CRAZY! I can choose the date that all my undergraduate work will culminate and ultimately finish. I'll have to finish and pass all my classes next semester, but other than that I'll have nothing to worry about! AMAZING!

3- I head home to Utah for 3 weddings this weekend! I am actually only attending two, but it should be fun!

4- FRIDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! If you didn't know that, now you do! And if you forgot- shame on you! Well, not really. If you're in Utah the festivities will be all about Jeff and Ryann as it damn well should be, and if you're in NY I obviously won't be here. Reserve the weekend of November 3 and 4 for a good time with this girl. Good food will be involved!

5- I am very much in love with my fiance! I won't get all gushy about it, but I just want you to know it, cause that's a big thing that's on my mind quite a bit of the time I'm awake. Probably when I'm asleep too to tell you the truth. And not to be lame or cliche, but I really do hope that everyone can experience what it's like to love someone til you feel like you can't say anything that means anything because words fall so short.

6- On that note, wedding planning is going well! Dress has been decided on, bridesmaids dresses are in the works, location is decided, guest list is almost finished, save-the-date cards are being figured out, registry is being pondered, etc etc. Super.

7- I have a class that has a lot to do with Shakespeare this semester, and I am really enjoying it! Reading him again (after years since Macbeth in AP Lit Senior year...) has been so fun, and I realize that my brain must have developed after 4 years because it's really not hard to understand like I thought it was! Hooray for mental stamina picking up with age!

8- Will Smith was shooting a movie in the park that functions as our "quad" if there exists such a thing. I took a picture, but am too lazy to post it as I'll soon be going to bed. I'll put a link to the movie up soon, but in the mean time if you're curious check out imdb for WIll Smith's current projects.

9- I love my roomate. She's just amazing. I just do, and I would get all mushy, but that's enough said, I think.

10- I have a 200 word composition due in my Gaelic class on Monday- that's our midterm. WHAT? First- MIDTERM? How did that happen, I thought it was... oh, right.. it's mid October And Second- I am supposed to write 200 words in a language I can't read, write, or speak? Oh...ok....

11- I LOVE FALL. Love it. If you're battling your trouble with jacket weather, wisishing it was still just long-sleeved or sweater weather, think of that extra hour you'll be getting not this weekend but next!

12- Webmasta. That's me! I'm going to be the new webmaster for the WAS site- super! No, no, not actually creating the site, changing design (they pay fancy people for that) but I'll be moderating comments, answering questions, uploading and all that stuff that Ian/Chris can't really do from the road. Super exciting.

13- Handed in a big paper today- not that big, but big in terms of importance to my grade, and it felt good. I like that crisp feeling of handing over a perfectly aligned and stapled paper.

And I think twelve is good- yeah, real good. REAL real good. Baker's dozen good.

Time for bed, and now you have the general update. I hope you all are doing well- please let me know! And I will see you soon, if not this weekend! If you're a New York lovely, then keep that first weekend in November open, like I said to yas, and we'll have a great time! Evite to follow!


Anonymous said...

I love you Claire Cain!

Beth said...

Now I am sad that I don't live in Utah or NY. Any chance you're coming to NC?

Ashley said...

Where did you decide on the location of the wedding?

Whitney C. said...

Thank you for number 5, Claire. You expressed the sentiment I feel all the time and that is hard to put into words lest people think you're a mushball. Kudos!

Kimber said...

So does this mean you are going to be in Utah for your birthday, so I don't have to mail you your present??

melissa o said...

As Miss Whit said - thanks or number 5. I love that you are experiencing that.

It is more wonderful than words can express.

Anonymous said...

I love youuuu. *tear* No seriously though, I'm tearing up. Because I miss you.