Friday, September 08, 2006

A Little Smackerel.

Hi all,

my very sweet mother sent me the camera connector, so brace ye-selves!

Below are some super cute pictures of Gav and Kelley and the babes! Kelley is sending me some more from our birthday celebration for Ian so that will be fun, but for now you can see super sweet Dashielly Dash!

Gavin has a hard time keeping his eyes open. He's really not a pot head, he just has droppy Cain eyes!

And there you have some sweet fam pictures!


Matthew said...

Look at all the hair on that boy. He is starting to look like a hippy.

PS I WAS talking about Dash and not Gavin.

melissa o said...

Oh my GOSH. Dash is turning into a real human - he is SO cute. He really is the cutest little baby.


I want to come out and visit in the spring - how's that look for you? (Just me - like a girl's weekend or something!)