Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am 10.

So... you have probably heard these ads on the radio if you live in Utah. If not, you are really missing out.

I know this is a problem, but for some reason the website just KILLS me. I laugh outloud every time I hear it-- because I am 10 at heart.

Check it out: HERE.

*Make sure you check out the user reviews.


Hey everyone!


If you live in Utah, it is primary election day-- GO VOTE!

And if you don't vote, don't you DARE complain!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006


I miss my boyfriend.

He is gone until the 25th of July.

Today is his fourth day of training which thankfully means he will be home in less than a month.

Fly time, fly!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day of Summer.

Happy first official day of summer!

Also, yesterday as I was driving home, I noticed a little dog in the back of this guy's truck. And then I noticed it wasn't a dog, but a GOAT.

Also, if it has been more than a working week (ie: 5 days) since you have updated your blog (if you're reading this, besides Matthew, you are probably included in this....), GET ON IT.

Have a bright, bright, sunshiney day!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Long Over Due- Shake your Shack.

This is long over due.

I was thinking I had put these up here, so if they seem familiar, sorry. Staci says I didn't, and she's the one who matters anyway, so there.

SO here's to you lovely Baltimorian lady!

Our adventures at the shake shack:

Here is our view from the line that was stacked yards outside the shack- it's a walk up shack, in essence, in the middle of Madison Sq. Park in NY. Very popular people, very.

Me and Staci- muy hungry and ready for some fried food!

Another view of the Shack.

The pick-up window at the shack.

Staci awaits our order (while I guard our table).

Shakes and Burgers, what more do you want?


Me and my burger and shake!

A view from the park.

A look back at the hubbub of the Shake Shack.

We will be back, my friend, we will be back.

Miss you like rasbrees!

Alabama Home.

So FINALLY my pictures are loading. Hopefully they all do!

So I'll start with the trip to Alabama! On the 6th of June my mom, Kim, Jayson, Elizabeth, and Dashiell flew to Alabama! We arrived in Birmingham that afternoon (but not without a quick stop in Atlanta to get some Popeye's fried chicken!)

MMM, Popeye's!

My food.

So then we headed to Mimi's house! Here are some pictures of us just hanging out!

We had some barbeque that I grew up eating each summer when we went to Mimi's. Here's a picture of ol' Beverly's BBQ!

Here's the Piggly Wiggly- the local grocery store which houses some of the best frozen food ever, and of course Sister Shubert's Rolls.... to die for (no, really).

So after a few great days at Mimi's, we got our gang together, plus Mimi and Aunt Sue (my mom's older sister) and headed to Dothan, which is Souther Alabama. And on the way....

View from the road- the Brothers of the Confederacy's flag a' wavin'...

This is one of the classy southern restaurants that are scattered about- here it is in Dothan.

(yep, its called "Po'Folks")

So we arrived in Dothan on Friday afternoon, and that evening we got ready and headed to the rehearsal dinner at this nice golf club (the houses were GORGEOUS- very southern with lots of brick and white pillars and shutters... love it). Here are most of the GREAT-grandchildren, plus some of their parents. Yep- that lady in blue is Elizabeth! There are also 5 kids who match, and 3 of them belong to one fam, 2 to another- and it wasn't planned! I thought that was cute.

So here we are at the rehearsal dinner:

This is my mom and her two grandbabies!

Here are some lovely ladies! From L-R: Kim, Me, Cousin Babs, Cousin Becky (daughters of Uncle Joe, my mom's older bro)

Kim and Jayson at our table!

Here are some fam! From L-R: Babs, Mimi, Cousin Matthew (Aunt Sue's youngest, and one of my fave cousins- he's a Jazz musician, and he will soon be on my myspace as a friend so heads up for that!), and Bronwynn (Heath's wife, who is Aunt sue's oldest son-- a philosopher who has a book on Post-Modernism coming out in August!).

We had a great time at the dinner, and it was great to hear all the stories about John (my cousin) and Laura (the bride!) from their family and friends.
The next day was wedding day! After some breakfast, and shopping, and then some more BBQ (Larry's), we got ready. Here I am with my two handsome nephews!

This is my cousin Rachel (who is John's sister, and a bridesmaid) and her husband Cameron (a groomsman) and their new baby Makaiah, and Mimi after the wedding!

Here are me, Kim, and Mimi in Laura's backyard at the reception (in 90 degree heat plus southern Alabama humidity... yeah)

And voila- the missing generation! Me, my Ma, Kim, and Mimi! TEAR!

My Ma and Mimi at the Reception.

My Ma, E and Dashy in the sun!

Me and Ma and the Dizzle.

This is my mom with my Cousin Ashleigh's little girl (Ashleigh is the middle child of Aunt Sue). Her name is Anna Claire- named for my mom (with my name)- so here is the baby girl and her namesake! Also, Mimi is actually Anna Lucille, so the little lady has some strong women attached to her name!

And that was pretty much that! We had a great time in Alabama. The wedding was beautiful and very Southern. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and now you've seen a small fraction of my extended family!

Currently Listening To...

The new Dixie Chicks album that I bought at the ol' iTunes music store... and I'm loving it, and you can't stop me!


GOAL is (that foundation I work for...) going to book a band to come to Ogden. We don't have a huge budget, but want it to be a band that people have heard of. So far they've had me check out Cake (already booked), Big Bad Voodoo Daddies (no one loves swing, no one hates it- but they are booked), and Weezer (not booked, hoping to hear back soon). If you have an idea of a band that would be both feesible and reach across genres (which unfortunately rules out country, sorry), let me know!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Recipes- For Ash!

Ashley requested that I give this recipe, and Whitney expressed interest, so here they are in plain view for all to see.

Curried Chicken Salad
(Tammy Daacke)
3 C. Chopped Cooked Chicken
1 15 and 1/4 oz can pineapple chunks drained
1/4 C. and 2 T flaked coconut
2 stalks celery, thinly sliced
1 tsp curry powder
1/4 tsp salt
2/3 C mayonaise

Mix all together and chill for 2 hours. Before serving, add 1 banana sliced, then garnish 1 11 oz can mandarin oranges drained, and 2 T flaked coconut toasted.

--->> My mom's adjustments for this is:
Use Tyson chicken (faster option) breasts, add celery, green onion, papaya, grapes, and banana (or whatever fruit you will). Then top with toasted almonds just before serving!

Another one Ash wanted a while ago was this one below... it is really good, and really garlicy! It keeps well in the fridge.

Garlic Olive Spread

2 cans chopped olives
1 C. fresh grated parmesean cheese
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1 tsp. worchester sauce
4 or 5 cloves garlic crushed
enough olive oil to make spreadable

toasted pita strips make a nice dipable food! :) You can take pitas, wipe them with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and then sprinkle crushed oregano on them- toast at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes and you have some super good toasty pita pieces!

Ok... that is all! If you have a good recipe you'd like to share, post it in the comments, and if I get enough I'll make another post with them!

Get cookin!

I Ain't A Slacker.

Today marks the 5th day in a row I have attempted to post pictures and updates from Alabama and Vegas on my Blog. I have been unable to upload pictures, and therefore refuse to do the update because I want to have the pictures mixed in!

So... as soon as I can, I will. Just so you know!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just one more thing....

Again, not a "real" update... but on the note of E and Dash leaving....

Not my best picture ever.... Me and Dashy, ready for his first wedding!

E and Dash ready for the wedding!

Ok... I'll stop now. More to come!

Office Supplies.

I thoroughly dislike Avery 1/5'' Hanging File Tabs Model # 5567.

That is all.

Alabama on My Mind.

I'm back!

I had a fantastic trip!

I'll update with pictures and everything, but for now I'll leave you with a crappy drive-by picture of the world's largest Confederate flag!

You know you're in Alabama when....