Wednesday, April 12, 2006

La Pasqua.

Tomorrow I leave for Utah. Well, actually, it doesn't seem so much like tomorrow as it does today, because I leave in approximately T-minus 6 hours for the airport. Note: it is 10:30pm. Yeahhh. Awesome.

So.. I'll be in Utah from Thursday to Monday night LATE. And then back into the last 2 weeks of school... it's all over May 2. CRAZY.

I can't believe I only have 2.5 weeks of school left. And in that sense, i can't believe that I'm going to be going HOME tomorrow, and then coming back to finish. AHH! BUt I'm looking forward to celebrating La Pasqua- Easter- at home this year. Staci is in MD for Passover- it's kind of nice that we both get to be home for our respective significant holidays.

Well, not much going on here, but there's the happenings update for what it is worth!

I hope you all are well!

OH! and one last note... I sat out in the fountain in Washington Square Park (the fountain that does not have water in it, thus the sitting...) during my Italian class (love it when Profs do that...) and I actually got a little pink on my arms! PINK! YESS! And hey, thank goodness I was wearing my 20spf face lotion like I do everyday, or I may have gotten pink nose! Anyway... yay for the sun, but as we head into the summer don't be stupid: wear sunscreen and use fake tanner- don't fake bake yourself into an early old age. It's gross, it's dumb, and you'll regret it later when you're spending $50 bucks a month on wrinkle-smoothing face cream at 25....

Ok, dramatic, but seriously. You only really have one epidermal system.. take care of it. [and another side not to that, I found a Jergens fake-tanner lotion that is pretty good. Try the "for light skin" if you're pasty like me... it's pretty good and not streaky and like $5 for a whole thing of it... alternative to the fryer...]

ok... tirade over....and I'm OUT!


AMY said...

hey claire, i hope you check this when you are home. i hope to see you sometime this weekend, at the coffee shop maybe? anyway, amen to the fake tanner, i use the jergens light skin lotion stuff, it works pretty good but smells kinda funny. have a great time with matthew and the fam.
love ya

Kimber said...

Good advice to the girl who is probably the whitest Italian\Irish girl you will ever meet. I definitely thought about tanning before Igo home in May, but in all honestly, it definitely isn't worth it to me to get my butt birned off the first few times I go and be miserable because of it. he he.
I love you and I am so glad you are home!
I thought about maybe having some Pie Pizza while you are here???

Matthew said...

I miss you already! Get these last couple weeks of class wrapped up and then it SUMMERTIME! Love you.


Ryan said...

hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! i have known that you had a blog, but have never really looked at it... but i have now :) it was good to see you in church on sunday, and i'm glad you had a true worship experience. thats kinda why i do what i do. :)