Thursday, March 09, 2006

Justification: Oscar Statement.

Here are three reasons why I thought the Oscars were a little la-la-lame this year:

1- the 36 Mafia song WASN'T good. If you have ears you will most likely agree. I'm all for diversity and mixing things up, but only when it is backed by merit.

2- I LOVE Jon Stewart and I think that he was clearly restrained. I imagine that they gave him some strict barriers. Also, he is not a big huge performer life Billy Crystal or Steve Martin, he is more subtile. I was so psyched he hosted, but I feel like a lot of his charisma was stilted by the audience's density and what I imagine were the Acad's parameters.

3- Can anyone say montage? (thank you Jon Stewart for cracking the joke!)

[Bonus reason: They majorely drilled home their point about how the only real movie-watching experience is in theaters instead of on DVD- OK! We get the point! You want more money, so we need to patronize our local theater! It seemed a little heavy handed to me.]

Now, this is not to say that I didn't watch (thought admittedly I stopped watching and totally missed the best picture because I had better stuff to do), and that I didn't enjoy watching. I liked 'em, I did. There were some good speeches, most everyone looked decent, it worked for me. I liked them, I did. They were just a little low key, and maybe that's a good thing!

That is all.

PS> didn't Jennifer Aniston look classy and great?


melissa o said...

Little Miss Jen A. looked amazing. I personally think she looked the best fashion-wise. But then again, I am all about the classy-classic understated glam.

I too thought John was a little restrained. In fact, I felt everyone was a bit restrained...there were really no outbursts of joy (except Three 6 Mafia...)

But whatever.

Kimber said...

I wouldn't know, I didn't even see a second of them. *sigh*