Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pictorial: Transvestite Karaoke.

Hey all!

These are pictures from a few weeks ago, but I've finally got myself together to post them! Hopefully Matthew will keep sending me pictures from this last weekend and I'll add those as I get them... for now, here are some from a few weekends ago!

The ladies of Via Cavour 42 reunite!

Me and Staci!

Me, Lindsay, and Justine on the dance floor!

Me and Stac again.. woohooo!

Go here (with caution) to check out Lucky Cheng's.


Anonymous said...

Yip looking good. HA! You know. (sorry a bit inside)

melissa o said...

That is one of the lowest cut shirts that I have ever seen you (comfortably) wear.

And you look HOTT! (Yes, with two t's!)