Monday, February 27, 2006

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Here are pictures of two of the coolest kittens in New York City! (For Elizabeth!)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Evil.

I have to write an essay on food or something related to it. OK!!!

This sounds so easy, and yet because I love food so very much it is so hard to narrow down just exactly what I could possible focus in on! Staci suggested I write about Rosemary, my mortal enemy, and so I am doing just that.

As I write, I am wondering if there are foods that you all hate. I'm not talking about you don't like the taste or the texture, I'm talking about a food that is most likely mentally connected to a bad experience or harsh memory and so it deeply affects you with emotional regurgitation when you experience its presence, a loathing of sorts, a deep and unapologetic disdain for the flavor, appearance, smell, existence of said substance...

anyone? (maybe I'm just psycho?)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

In My Prime.

Well it turns out that women are in their prime to have babies when they are about 14. I guess I missed that boat.

Statistically, the "danger" of having a child increases every decade of your life, but the biggest jump in scary statistics is from 30-40 years old. THat makes sense, right? But they do say that we shouldn't NOT have kids, we just need to make sure we get tested etc etc.

You may wonder why on EARTH I am talking about this. Well I saw it on TV yesterday and I thought it was interesting that our child-baring prime is about fifteen years before our (as women) sexual prime (which is said to occur around 30). For men, it is practically simultaneous- sexual and child birthing (contribution?) prime is around 18 years old.

Make of it what you will. There is what I learned.

Friday, February 24, 2006

London Times.


Go HERE to read the article about We Are Scientists that was in the London Times!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New York Moments: Central Park.

Here is a cute picture of me and Matthew at ol' CP! I'll put more up as I get them and have time!

Pictorial: Transvestite Karaoke.

Hey all!

These are pictures from a few weeks ago, but I've finally got myself together to post them! Hopefully Matthew will keep sending me pictures from this last weekend and I'll add those as I get them... for now, here are some from a few weekends ago!

The ladies of Via Cavour 42 reunite!

Me and Staci!

Me, Lindsay, and Justine on the dance floor!

Me and Stac again.. woohooo!

Go here (with caution) to check out Lucky Cheng's.

blah. blah. blah.

This is what I do when I'm bored watching Thursday night TV...

here are a bunch of super random questions that Mel answered on her Myspace. I haven't done one of these in a while, so here ya go!

The Media:

Do you watch the Gilmore Girls?
Nope, never seen it once!

Have you ever enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson?
yes. went to his concert this past summer and it was really great. I don't usually choose to listen to him though. He kind of puts me to sleep.. I have to be in the mood, is all I'm saying.

Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?
Yes I have, but I'll admit most of the time I'm just annoyed and/or infuriated by its stupidity.

Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.?
I believe I do... I know I had the first one, and then I had "Britney", and I think I have one of Mel's "In the Zone" though I'm pretty sure I've never played that of my own volition...

Which radio stations are your favorites?
I honestly don't listen to the radio here. In UT... 100.3, 98.7, 93.3, and then there's also one really good country one but I can't remember the address.

Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?
That's a no

That's a yes.

Alanis Morissette?
Yes. I really like her when I'm in the mood. I really like "Head over Feet".

Do you watch Family Guy regularly?
Never seen it... and yep, my heart IS still beating!

The Simpsons?
No. Though I'll admit it is occasionally funny, I do see why people watch it. I'm just not a big TV person. Esp. cartoons.

King of the Hill?
Nope. No thanks.

Admit it:

Do you read trashy romance novels often?
If Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel, then yes....

Do you really work out every day?
No, I don't. 3x a week is pretty standard.

Have you ever eaten chocolate in bed?
Um... maybe, but only because for almost 3 years now my bed has constituted 60% of the personal space I have in New York City.

Have you ever eaten an entire pint, or more, ice cream by yourself?
No. bleh.

Have you ever spent an entire day in bed without being sick?
Not an ENTIRE day...

Have you ever eaten nothing but junk food for a week straight?

Do you shower every single morning?
I'm big on showers. I get 'em in pretty dang consistently.

Have you ever gone to school/work only 15 minutes after waking up?
Yes. I'm human.

Do you ever forget to give a xmas present & instead keep it for yourself?
Maybe, but not purposefully. I haven't ever actually used one of the gifts I was going to give... which I guess is not as cool as it would be otherwise.

Do you sing obnoxiously in the car when you're driving alone?
Occasionally? Come on!

Do you sing obnoxiously in the shower when no one's home?
Yes. I LOVE singing in the shower. I don't do it here though... neighbors...

Have you ever watched a little kid's show when you were over 12?
Yeah. I still love Winnie the Pooh and Looney Toones, and all the Disney shows :)

Have you ever looked forward to go to school?
I often do.

The Necessary Love Questions That Aren't So Necessary:

Have you ever pretended your crush was with you when they really weren't?
I'm in a long distance relationship... what do you think? Heh.. that sounds really creepy. No, I actually haven't.

Did you draw for your first crush back in elementary school/preschool?
I'm pretty sure I've always known that I can't draw.

Have you ever asked a guy out? No, but I've made it painfully obvious that they should ask me out, which is basically that.

Have you and a (past or present) significant other ever made an 'Our Song'?

Have you ever written a poem/story about your love?
I like poetry.

Someday! My life isn't that interesting either Mel, but I'm going to subject the world to it! mwahaha!

Have you ever listened to a song repeatedly just because it reminded you of your crush?
hehe... yeah.

Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about nothing but your crush?
I mean, not like I had an hour to burn so I just sat down and thought about him... but yeah.

Do you reread meaningless AIM convos just because they're with someone you like?
I never have been a saver of IM convos... maybe back in the day though.

Have you ever reconsidered liking someone because of their appearance?
Nope. Look at my track record. heh.

Have you ever liked someone solely for their appearance?
I've been attracted to people solely based on appearance- I have never dated or actually "like" someone only for that reason.

The Questions You Love:

Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
Probably not. I don't think that I ever get enough protien.

Are you ever anal about cleanliness or organization?
Am I alive?

Have you ever been treated for OCD? ADD?
Not treated for it, but I know that I have some OCD, it runs in the family. But not enough to take pills for, thank goodness.

Do you own a graphing calculator?
Yes, but only because I had to take math recently.

Have you ever been to South America or Africa?
YES! And hopefully I'll visit again this summer!

Have you ever owned a Klutz book or kit?
My brothers had Klutz Magic and Klutz juggling....

Do you know how to knit?
No, but someone PLEASE teach me so I can be the crazy aunt who knits!

Do you have a cellphone or iPod with a patterened cover?

Have you ever written song lyrics yourself and put them in your profile?
No, I'm not that kind of girl.

Do you keep a diary or journal (online or on paper)?
Paper since I was 9, online since Freshman year of college.

Did you ever want to be an astronaut or a teacher when you were a kid?
nope. Claustrophobic. Allergic to children. (hehe... I'de be a teacher NOW though!!!)

Do you own a striped sweater?

How often do you take a bubble bath?
I'd say never. I have before, and I REALLY love baths.... but not in any scary New York City bathtub, uh uh!

When you open your closet, what is the color of your clothes?
Black. Hey... just being honest. Black, grey, blue, white. It's the truth... I'm boring!

Baskin Robbins or Coldstone?
Baskin Robbins. yes Mel!

Sees or Godiva?

America or Canada?
America... who ever heard of "Canada"? (heh!)

Physics or chemistry?

Glamorous or au naturale?
Must they be different?

Earphones or headphones?
Just not the in-ear phones... my ear-holes are too small, apparently!

Chocolate brown or teal?
Teal yo.

Earrings or a ring?

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?:
LOTR... call me when Harry looks like Aragorn...

Fly or road trip?
Fly usually... depends on where I'm going and who I'm with!

Starbucks or Petes?

Athletics or academics?

Another Wave of Random Questions:

Do you know what a geisha is?
Yes. A high-class prostitute. (you said it Mel)

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Beauty & the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. I don't like "favorite" questions...

Do you have a more classic style or do you stay up-to-date?
I don't really have a style. In fact, if someone can tell me what my style is, I'd be indebted to them. Or better yet, style me so I have one!

How much jewelry do you own?
Not much, I always forget to wear it, just have one ring that I wear consistently.

What year did/do you graduate high school in?

Have you ever given someone the rejection hotline as your number?
Heh, no!

Have you ever eaten at a food court?
Yes, I have.

Have you ever bought clothes at Sears?
Maybe for Halloween? They used to have really trashy mctrasherton stuff back in junior high. Other than that, their stuff doesn't usually appeal.

Do you own any Care Bears memorabilia?
I still do. (me too Mel!)

Do you have a quilt on your bed?
Nope, no quilts. I do in Utah sometimes, but that's up to the mom.

AND now for the thing that Mel has made me do (and Kimber and Ash for that matter!)
Four jobs I've had:
1-Ambassador at NYU
2-Operations Assistant at Carlyle Court
3-Sales Intern, Ogden Eccles Conference Center
4-Pit Employee, Weber County

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1-Something's Gotta Give
2- Love Actually
4-True Lies

Four places I've lived:
1-South Ogden, Utah
2-New York City, NY
3-Florence, Italy
4-those are the only places I've lived for any length of time over 3 weeks....

Four TV shows that I love: [with the understanding that if the TV wasn't on, I wouldn't turn it on in order to watch them...]
1-The OC (which, honestly, has lost alot of it's charm with me)(me too... it suuuuucks)
2-Dancing with the Stars
3-Everyday Italian
4-Desperate Housewives

Four places I've vacationed:
1-Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
2-Paris, France
3-Maui, Hawaii

Four of my favorite dishes:
1-Veal with creamy mushroom sauce- I can't remember the official name.
2-Mimi's cake brownies.
3-Beef in most forms
4-Serbian Bean Soup

Four sites I visit daily:
1-Mel's Blog (
2-Ash's Blog (
3-Kimber's Blog (
4-Julie's Blog (

Four places I would rather be right now:
1-Looking at a tall dark and handsome man name Matthew.
2-Torino, Italy
3-Somewhere in the Carribbean with cool people and warm weather
4-Uhh... other than that, I'm pretty happy where I am!

And there, folks, you have it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Help Out!

Hey all!

Here is something I think is pretty important. I heard about this and thought I'd post it here, so if you read this, please consider going to the site and helping out! It's free and will take like 3 seconds, depending on your browser's speed! Also, pass the info along!

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.

Go Here to help out!

Post-Parting Depression.

No, no no.. it's not that bad. But I really do miss you, Matthew! And Kelli, I do miss you too lady! It was so great to have you guys here!

You better send me some pictures when you have a chance- this weekend maybe? A quick e-mail?

ANYWAY guys...

Just wanted to post a quickie again, I know, not too great, but just wanted to get a hello out there! Here's a survey question:

--If you had to name your child Lino or Jalesha, which would you choose? Lino is a boy's name, Jalesha is a girl's. These are names found in a baby name book, so don't think I made them up.

Let me know your thoughts! hehe! Happy Birthday dead President WashingtoN!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To Say the Least...

It has been a week since I have written.

There have been a few things going on.

One and most interestingly of which is that Matthew, Kelli, and Brett came to visit me this weekend! They got here at the butt-crack-o-dawn on Thursday morning, Brett left yesterday and Kel and Matt just left... their plane left tonight at like 8:30pm. I said goodbye at like 5:57pm. And let me say that it was hard. I had SUCH a great weekend, and I get to see them again in less than 3 weeks! But it is one of those things... when you get to be with that person that you miss so much, it is just HARD to say goodbye. And it wasn't too bad, but it was odd. An odd weekend- just kind of surreal having them here, FRIENDS in the city from UTAH! How unusuaL! And then living at I and E's apartment for 6 days... it was great, but I think that added to the surreality, you could say. It was a great GREAT weekend, and I'm SOOO glad they came. But now there's that dull ache that will take a while to go away (if it does).

Anyway... hopefully this doesn't come off as a downer of a post. I'll post again soon, but as for now I need to get stuff done seeing as how I haven't done homework in 6 days! Send me some love if you can... I need it!

Hope your long weekends were all great!!! I'll post again sometime relatively soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Assignment #5.

WEll hi all!

I am happy to report that it might just be possible that I get all my work done for next week so I don't have to do any over the weekend! AMAZING!

I was overwhelmed with glee when my writing prof didn't give us an assignment #5 because her assignments are usually fairly taxing and lengthy on top of the usual reading and peer editing and responses. BUt hooray! No Assn#5 as I wrote in my planner! Happy Valentine's Day to me! And hey, for that matter, for YOU!

Well I'm going to run do some reading here at the gallatin building before I go to my interview about Argentina... here we go!!!!

LOVE to you all!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Just To Let You Know....

I'm alive! I'm safe! I'm at home!

Tales of the glories of blizzards soon to come- but for now, know that I'm alive and well and at home, and writing to you before I take a MUCH needed shower and eat some McDonald's which will only make me despise myself more (after 5 days of no work out and a really pissed off face- my body is revolting just in time for my friends to come visit...perfect). It's not so bad, actually, and hopefully I'll get some homework done too! heh!

Love you all, thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowed In.

Hi all!

Well i just thought I'd inform you that I am here in NH snowed in- we're staying an extra day, so if you try to get ahol dof me I'm sans cell phone service! Love you all!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good Day.

Well after yesterday's mess of a day (that really did end up fine, no suicidal thoughts or anything if I had you worried- just a rough one that is now behind me!) today is great!

It is gorgeous and sunny (and freezing....) and I'm getting ready to go visit the Cats! Then I'm off to school and work, and then back home for homework and Thursday night TV. I'll try to post more later, but just didn't want to leave the "Bad Day" post up there for the first thing to see!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bad Day.

Let me just say that the low point was when I was lying face down in the middle of 11th street after tripping. I'm not much for crying in public, but it took major will to hold it in at that point.

Thankfully it did get better, then got worse, then better. Knowing that I had had such a rough one my sweet and thuoghtful boyfriend sent me flowers. Sadly, 1-800-FLOWERS actually should be named 1-800-INCOMPETENCY, and so they'll probably be here tomorrow. It really is the thuoght that counts- I say they're incompetent because just this weekend I had a conversation with some people about how they never are ontime etc, so it's funny that here is a prime example.

To you my fantastic man- thank you! Ontime or no, it was so VERY sweet!

And to you, of the CMCMDM(O) fame, your love made a difference today, even if by e-mail! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Church in the State.

I was reading one of my books or packets or handouts, whatever it was, and I discovered a fairly disconcerting fact. Evangelical church goers (denominations such as Southern Baptist, National Baptist, other independent or branches of Baptists, Pentecostal, Holiness churches, Assemblies of God, Evangelical Free, Christian, and Missionary Alliance) are 20% less likely than Catholics to be involved in a non-religiously affiliated civic association (YMCA, PTA, Red Cross, NRA, NAACP, community associations- anything you can think of, really), and Evangelicals are 50% less likely to be involved in a civic association unaffiliated with their church than what are called “mainline” Protestants (these being Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, American Baptist, and United Church of Christ).

This, to me, is troubling. I read an entire article on this, and I am almost livid! I mean, ok, I understand it to a great degree. The examples they use (and not in a negative way mind you- this article has nothing to do with religion bashing or roe vs. wade, this is purely speaking to civic engagement) refer to Evangelicals (which can be a scary term, but let’s accept their ‘official’ groupings for now) who generally are highly involved (in fact in the survey they are more involved in their churches, they are more ‘faithful’ church-goers, etc) in their OWN churches. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but this article’s argument is that the inward gaze of evangelical churches is injuring civic America.

How? Well it makes sense. While evangelical churches are growing their own congregations and ministering to their own people, the communities outside reap no benefit. I think those of us who have attended ANY Evangelical church can identify with this, even if the church was successful in breaking this mold. Take our dear friend WHBC. How many outward, or “block party” ministries does a church this size offer? They have the Open Hand Ministry, which provides canned foods and other fresh foods for distribution to the needy in the community every other Saturday. It turns out that this is the only publicly advertised, consistent, and regular (these being the two key words in my mind) that the church offers. There are also such events as the Cantatas and the Christmas Dinner theatre that are annual events highly publicized in the community (though really mostly self-serving to draw people into the church, and into the body of believers ultimately, of course… but not a pro-active approach to practical community aid). Alternatively, they have over ten committees or groups that meet regularly throughout the year (and this is a very conservative count) that serve groups within the church. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the church functions to serve its members and the body within it.

The problem comes when it is so perversely limited to the service of those within its walls.

Another group that could be considered is the Navigators. Lots of Bible studies, lots of cool trips, lots of neat things to do and learn and meeting and ways to get involved… not so many opportunities to reach out into the NYU community or greater New York area. This is being aided by several programs that are started like the Alpha Course, the things that have been in place like the seeker-studies, and then the social action committee which does its best to meet bi-weekly and plan events for the group as a whole to reach out into the surrounding community. Still, the majority of time and energy is spent inwardly, looking to the needs of the members, of the people’s lives who are, in the end, relatively ideal and healthy.

This is not to say that the navigators or Washington Heights should give up serving the people who compose its numbers. It is not at all a criticism of the service and love that they give to the people who faithfully attend, or the newcomers. It is not an indictment of the core values or ideals or beliefs these (and many other) establishments hold. It is merely meant to be a reality check. Something is off balance.

If you’re thinking I’m coming from a secular perspective here, you’re right. But you better be careful, because I’m pretty sure Jesus hung out with prostitutes, homeless people, beggars, sick, insane, wandering, broken-hearted NON-Jews, and for that matter non-Christians. This, to me, indicates that he wanted us to reach beyond (though not neglect) our Peter, Paul, and Mary, and go chat it up with the Samaritan women of our community.

So how do we change? Well it’s tough. It is especially tough within a church because of the, to be honest, bureaucratic kind of set up that often results. And that’s a whole other issue, of course, but for now, all I’m saying is there are lots of people who make decisions, and usually those aren’t the ones reading this blog (hard to believe, eh?). I think where it can begin is our individual recognition that we’re called to better the WORLD, and that doesn’t mean flying to Africa. And now that we’ve said that for the millionth time (since we all hear it once a month….) let’s act on it. What are ways we can get involved passed the ends of our noses? It’s going to take TIME. It’s going to take ENERGY. It’s going to take INVESTMENT. But I’m pretty sure (actually, I dare say, fairly dang confident) that it will be worth it.

What I'm Learning...

Here is kind of a rant/thought session on Public Service. Hopefully it makes sense. Read this, cause there's another one to come about church and the involvement it inspires, but that is pretty heavily based off of this one....

A few terms: (these are mostly my definitions which are based off of my limited understanding of them)

Social capital: has been described as “social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.” –think of it as anything arising from communication about community that can then enhance the surroundings of the world. This results from civic life and engagement.

Civic life: involvement in the community around you: any kind of action that is performed within a group of people for the eventual betterment of group or community.

Public Service: each person can define this as individuals. It may have to do with motives- why people do something (for the good of the country? Or for the salary?) or it may be simply the act itself (providing clean drinking water by working in a water treatment plant, being a doctor, teacher, nurse, politician, writing newspaper articles, etc).

Civic Engagement: this is when people actually get involved. The action- the verb. This could be (depending on your opinion, but here are some generally agreed upon) voting, joining the PTA or other group, belonging to or attending a church, working in government, reading the newspaper, keeping up on politics, etc. In many ways it can be seen as practicing democracy. It can also be as simple as having people over for dinner or stopping by a neighbor’s house to chat it up about the new Walmart.

The goal is not what you do- maybe you’re in a bowling league (which is one civic analyst’s famous example)- but you’re talking about your community, like the issues in the world, not just who’s dating who and what you’re having for dinner and “I love that shirt!”

In the days just after the Great Depression and the Second World War there was, as they now call it, “The Greatest Generation”—that is, a generation of people who connected, who communicated, who worked together. They had Sunday lunches in the park; they belonged to the PTA, the NRA, the Masons, the Elks, the Catholic Church. They read the newspaper, voted, and were more involved in ‘civic life’ than any generation that we know of. They, of course, lived in much different times, and it can be argued that in so many ways the catastrophe of the Depression and the War caused the people to bond together and take care of their common ground.

Since then, civic engagement has steadily decreased, to the point that people watch more hours of television a DAY than they spend conversing with others per WEEK. Why does this matter? The civic health has decreased in America. People are less trusting of each other, of government, of business, and of associations (especially lately with all the Red Cross blunderings, the Katrina ordeal, and about a thousand other reasons, of course).

Well maybe it doesn’t. I think it does. I’m just learning about all of this, but when you look at your life, how involved in your community are you? Here’s my question: How much social capital do you generate (how do you get involved- what do you do, what do you invest in, whom do you talk with about the ‘issues’? Do you think you’re involved “enough?” Do you want to be more involved? What is stopping you?

Just so you know, there are tons of reasons (and legit ones, not just the ol’ TV) why Americans aren’t getting as involved as they used to be. What do you think it is?

And my last question, which is convicting for me… if it’s a matter of time, or an “I’ll do it later,” when will you have more time than NOW? And who do you expect to, say, run the Red Cross and other non-profit organizations, become doctors, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, invite friends over for dinner, if you don’t? My answer is developing….

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ode to Josh.

Well this really isn’t an ode, but I just wanted to make a not of something. Last night I worked from 6-11 at the front desk. Before hand I went to get some food, and on my way out I ran into my dear and beloved friend Joshua P!

So to you, my friend, I just want to say that I really really enjoyed seeing you. Perhaps it was your fancy new haircut. Perhaps it was your clean-shaven face. Perhaps it was the absence from you that most assuredly made my heart grow fonder. Whatever it was, I really enjoyed our little adventure to Citibank around the block.

I don’t know how you’re feeling now about everything, but I just thought you should know that you are a fantastic guy, and you’re loved by your friends! Thanks for brightening my evening! Can’t wait for this weekend!

Ok.. here's an ode:

You're really swell,
You're neat, I can tell.
You have cool short hair now,
And you don't look as much like a bear now,
but thank goodness your dear roomate Dan,
Has a bear hat, just in case, on han(d).
Hope you have a great day,
and I'll see you soon- HOORAY!

Alright. See what you get when you're nice to me!! Take notes everyone, you too may garner your own ode!

Monday Monday Monday.

Well today has been less than productive, but fairly enjoyable. I've got class in about 15 minutes so I've got to head out soon. Just wanted to say that I do plan on getting a good update in here soon, and to remind myself:

-Transvestite Karaoke
-Indian on 1st
-Social Capital and Civic Service
-Bureaucracy of Universities come! Hope all is well!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Supa Wikend.


Well I know I need to fill you all in on the weekend, but I'm kind of stalling because I really didn't take many pictures, but other people did, and so I'm hoping that they'll post their pictures online etc and then I can show them off on here after I steal them! MWAHHA!

But first... CONGRATULATIONS!!! To my dear friend Joanna- hoooooorayyy!

Friday night was a blast- we went to BBQ for cocktails (or 20oz, $4.00 daiquiris), then went to an Indian restaurant for dinner and then walked back! Yesterday Stac and I went to Mayrose (thank you anonymous comment!) for brunch (horriffic coffee) and then came back and did homework. We went to Match Point around seven (interesting, disturbing), came back home and I got to talk to my boo (as kelley cain would call him) and then we headed out to some Transvestite Karaoke at Lucky Chang's! It was quite interesting, ans as Staci said, somewhat like an alternate universe. We saw the ladies of Via Cavour 42 (roomates from italy), all 10 of us were there sans our Boston College buddy, and we had a blast!

Got home around 2 and slept like a dog! This morning Stac and I went to brunch at a crappy little diner on third that serves its purpose, and then came back to work it like a mo fo! I have typed 3 papers today, and several lengthy e-mails, totalling about 25 pages typed, and I feel as though I have significantly increased my descent into wrist-arthritis. Wahoo!

And for this reason, I'm going to stop typing and start reading!

Just FYI if you try and reach me tonight I'll be working 6pm-11pm tonight (EST)! Hope you all have a super fab Sunday!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Hour...

And Happy Birthday! To my friend Joanna!

We are going out tonight- a few ladies- to happy our at Dallas BBQ (which features macho margheritas at half price before seven...!) and then to an Indian Restaurant on first ave! Should be really fun! I'm looking forward to the night out, even though there's that little nag inside that says "homework!" Ahh, stick a sock in it, conscience!

Today has been great, but pretty tiring. I got a pay check, that was nice- though it wasn't all there, which is fine, but just one of those THINGS. I got to spend some time with Elizabeth and Dashiell which was great. And guys, I'm so serious, if you get a chance to go see that little guy while they are in Utah (Feb 4- Mar 4) I would take it. It makes me want a child... but not now. Seeing him and how comfortable and confident Eliz is just makes me realize how far I have to go before I'm ready to mother a child... exciting prospect, but it'll be a while. Anyway, he's the hottest new release out there, so go check him out!

I worked today too, and got to work at the desk instead of running mail around, so that was great. It was busy and I didn't get any homework done, but hey, I'm paid to work, and work I shall!

I got an e-mail back from Nettie, my advisor, and it's a good thing! She said she can meet me on Monday, though she has never written a recommendation for study abroad which is a little troublesome, but that's a lot sooner than I would have anticipated meeting her, and also one of the few days I actually CAN, so the fact that she suggested it was GREAT. Phew. Cool. Maybe I really will go!!!?

So now I'm off to get myself cleaned up before I head out for the evening. Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Valentine's Day Outfit.

Don't worry you guys, I have it all planned out. It's gonna be great. Although my boyfriend doesn't arrive for two days after the big Hallmark-supporting day, I am going to have a great time. And you know why? Cause I'll be wearing THIS...

Isn't that awful!!!? It's like the most gaudy, horriffic thing I've ever seen. If you ladies out there want your own fuzzy-heart set, go ahead and let me know...


'Nuff Said.

The Latest Plot.

This summer is a big issue.

I mean, come on guys! It's like, my last real summer ever! At least, officially!

So what am I gonna do? Well... here's the latest plot...


There is a 3 weeks study abroad opportunity offered from my school and I would get 4 credits of Interdisciplinary Seminar which is basically the ONLY requirement I have left besides just numbers of credits to be fulfilled. So THAT would be neato.

It is in Buenos Aires, and this is super neat, because when I was in Brazil two summers ago I learned a bit about ol' Argentina because of the relationship (historically very strenuous) between Brazil and Arg. So that's one neat thing.

The next neat thing is yeah, it's study abroad, but it's short. So I could even do ANOTHER one, or even just do that one, and then come home and work. I feel like it would be SO cool! And on top of all the great stuff the course offers, I would get FREE spanish lessons for a few hours every morning- hello, is this not perfecto?

BUT... I have to apply. And that's fine, but again... there's this big phat application process that I just found out about today. I have to write a justification of why I want to go, fill out a standard form, have a teacher or advisor recommendation, and then once all that is done, have an interview! SCARY! I really feel like it'll be fine, the only real hitch is timing... I'm scared of my advisor and so I don't know how soon she'll get back to me (sent her an e-mail today at noon) about meeting to discuss and then getting that recommendation. People are accepted on a rolling basis, so it could be full before I even get the stuff I need! And I really don't have a prof that I know well enough yet... since I've only been in this program for a semester now, so ya know. I dunno... it could be interesting. I doubt it'll happen cause they're only taking 16 people... but it would be SO cool!

If not though, I've gotta find something else to do like that and then find an internship or job back home for the duration of the summer. And then there's also the desire to do a mission trip... anyone else? I'm going to do some research on opportunities... if you're interested let me know!

Ok... so there's kind of a whirlwind rando-update, but there you have it! If you have any brilliant ideas or neat things you've heard about you think I should check out per l'estate, the ol' sum, then let me know!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sweater Vest.

My Public Service professor has decided that it is his mission in life to bring back the sweater vest.

Frankly, I'm all for it.

Volition Schmolition.

I, again, REALLY did not want to go to the gym today.

I have to shadow my last tour today, and so that cuts down the ol' free time in the day. I was thinking instead of going to the gym I could just get up and get stuff done.

But then I realized I'm doing pretty dang well with the homework thing, and so why not just go. Dang. No good excuses!

So I go, and it's gorgeous out. And then this homeless man yells at me, but I've got a great song in my head and I can't really understand what he says so I let that one roll off the old back and don't take it personally. That can be really upsetting, if you've never experienced the weary smiled followed by endless explatives at a a top notch volume and rage... but it's sunny today in many ways and so I wasn't phased.

I got to the gym, did the ol' cardio and some stretching, abs, stuff with the crazy ball (i love those!)... my abs are still sore from Monday! I was kind of happy about that because my abs rarely get sore, they just get tired in the moment, but they were sore today! I think my goal now is to kind of very my workouts so that my body doesn't get uesd to a routine- so it keeps a' burnin!

Well I've gotta get ready, but just thought I'd share my morning's events with y'all!