Friday, January 20, 2006

All I Wanna Do.

Is go to sleep!

I'm so tired! Which is fine, but it's so weird! I got a fair amount of sleep today, and had a great workout this morning! Alas, here I am at 8:39pm and I am nodding off! I had dinner with Megan and Kathryn which was really fun, and am now debating about whether to go meet them at D&D to do some work... though I really just want to go to bed. heh.

It was been a good day, but my job on Friday afternoons is going to be less of the whole "3 hours of homework and getting paid for it" and more of "watch as Claire does the worst of the menial and lame manual labor!" Which is fine, cause again, I'm getting paid. But on a day when I haven't been feeling great and am exhausted, it was just one of those... oh gosh, can I just go home? days. So oh well. Oh well. I am alive still, and it was actually quite a good day. Just funny that in the end both of my jobs are currently the height of minimum-wage expectation.

Well I'm going to go do SOMETHING. I'm already looking forward to brunch tomorrow... does that make me pathetic? No.. cause if you've had FOAF then you know it sho' ain't. Nuh-uh!

I's out, yizzles.


melissa o said...

So I got on at 10:00PM to see if you had updated for the winner.

Then I got on at 10:30 - you know - gave you some time.

Then I got on at 11:00 - practically sleep walking.

So now I'm thinking you MUST have gone to bed (and if you did - good for you!) Who won?

Love you!