Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pictorial: Sistuh!

This is my beautiful sister Kimberly! And this is her new haircut!!!!

Someone tell me why I'm keeping my hair long?

Pictorial: Ballet = Coolness.

So last Saturday I went to the Ballet at Lincoln Center with Kristine, Josh, and Staci.
We saw three small ballets, and they were SO wonderful!
I really enjoyed it, and I hope we go back soon!

The Lincoln Center... part of it anyway. This place is gorgeous, and these pictures don't do it justice at all.. but props to Stac for trying! I stole these pics from her, so thanks friend!
Here's another one. Again... you just have to see it....
Here we are before the big event- how cute! Please excuse my giant-sized thighs... they are accentuated by the fab gray pants... hopefully they looked better in person (we'll say...). But notice how Stac and I inversly complement eachother! YES!
This one is blurry, but oh well, eh? That's Kristine on the right- I'm not sure if she's ever been on the ol' blog in pictorial form!
Well... we ended up at the Cafe Panevino that is at the Lincoln Center. Unsurprisingly it was pretty expensive- so we thought we'de all split some pasta dishes... until we read the $20 dollar minimum! Woops! So we each spent like 25 bucks that night on dinner.. which normally wouldn't be TOO bad, but we were so proud of ourselves for being thrifty with our $12 (intead of $30) tickets!
Kristine and Me, at the ol' Cafe... hurrah!

All in all it was a great time at the ballet, and we're going to try for the oprah this weekend!
Go to the Lincoln Center's website!



Ok, without going in to too much explanation...

Can you think of a "hole in the wall" or "unique" restaurant ANYWHERE in the US? I have a friend who works for the Food Network and they are looking for places like this! If you can think of them (NOT NYC) then please let me know!!! Post the ASAP!!!!


Love Does Not Exist.

Equality does not exist. Justice does not exist. God does not exist, Freedome does not exist. Kindness does not exist. Peace does not exist. Hope does not exist.

Men say I love you for one reason. To get into a girl's pants. They look her in the eye, and when they want to say "I want to have sex with you," they say "I love you." They have to seem sincere so that the woman, who does not deal in the same ways as the man, will think she feels something, and consequently sleep with him.

When a man says he loves a woman, he means he loves her body. Her legs, her breasts, her neck. Her eyes, her smile, her lips. He doesn't LOVE here, he LUSTS her. But he'll say he loves her just as along as he wants.

You can't prove the existence of love. It is not visible. What does it even MEAN to say that you LOVE someone? It means you WANT them, you want to feel them against you, you want to call them your own. You have 'love' so that you have sex with justification.


All that is above is the opinion of one of my professors. It was an interesting night last night at class. Since, as you may guess, I staunchly disagree with his statements, I wanted to put this up and out there and see how you all react. Don't focus on the 'God does not exist' to which I'm sure most of you most violently reacted, but instead focus on love. What does LOVE mean. And in your explanation you can't word the use you're trying to define- so you can't say "when you love someone, you really love being WITH them, and you love who they ARE"- still, what is LOVE, is it a verb? A feeling? A mood? A drive? An innate force?

I have my opinion and I'm happy to share it, but it sparked an interesting little flame of thought in me and so I hope it does the same for you. Does love exist? Oh really, how?

Here, from today's writing class, are some other thoughts on love by another professor of mine.***

Love is a new idea. It is only 100 years old. Arranged marriages had nothng to do with love. People did not choose their lives based on a feeling, based on love. Love is something we've created to make ourselves feel more valuable.
Bring it on!

Monday, January 30, 2006

To My Thugzz...

To my hip-hoppin' ladies in thu house...

Have an awesome time and kick some raptstuh butt...

And think of me, sitting in class, wishing I was kickin' too, stretch pant style...

Washboard Abs and Coke Can Laundry.


This morning I REALLY didn't want to go to the gym. Can I say again? REALLY. So i lay there in bed for an extra forty minutes, bargaining with myself about how if I get up I'll let myself do this and that and blah blah. So in the end the bargain was this: sleep in until 8:30, go kick some thundering thigh at the gym.

And kick I did!

I did that whole yogurt thing for breakfast, but then did 30 minutes of cardio, legs in the weight room, and then abs, pushups, and stretching... and in the last few situps I just got to that place where I wanted to puke... does that ever happen to you guys? I need to think of something good to eat before I go to the gym.

But here's the laugh=inducer of the day: I saw my friend Martha at the gym and we chatted for a minute about when we come, all that. She said she comes 5 times a week, and I was mui impressed, so I say so. Then she says, "yeah, but you've got washboard abs, so it's ok." And I was like WHAAA? So I say, "Oh, hehe, YEAH, no." And then she looks at the ol' spare tire, then back up at me, and says "yeah, you do. It's good!" Umm... ok. That was just like the best thing you could say to a girl! Cause honestly guys THESEare NOT my abs! It was really so sweet of her to say though, and in some ways motivated to one day make that true!

So moving on... I get home, ladidah, and it's time to do laundry! So I go down and get three loads started.. yeah, it was more than the usual week, alright? I went from a Thursday to a Monday laundry schedule, so there was some adjusting. And I did sheets, so whatever. So then when I go to dry my loads I realize I ain't got no monies. So I try to put more cash on my Campus Cash account (which is my student ID that has money on it, and I can swipe it and it pays for my laundry or whatever, without using quarters, which I didn't have...) but the machine won't accept bills. SO I got next door to change a few $1 and she (the girl who works at Toastie's, my neighborhood sandwhichery) says she only has enough to change ONE. So.. fine, four quarters later, I'm asking the security guard at my building if he's got change for a $1, and no, of course he doesn't. Then Chastity, the girl that now works at the front desk (replaced Kathy, potentially her husbind's cousin?) suggests that I insert my dollar into the Pepsi machine and then press the change thing.... BRILLIANT! AND.. it worked! SO BRILLIANT!

I just had to share that with all of you, beecause it was so dang useful to me today!

So there are my stories thus far today! And more to come, I am sure!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Poll: After School Snack.

The other day after school I made chips and cheese. No, not Nachos, chips and cheese. And it reminded me about how back in the day chips and cheese was my fave after school snack.

What were your favorite after school delights? What are they now (or after work, of course)?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pictorial: Blog-O-Rama.

So I took some random pictures over the last week, and I meant to do all these fun blogs. But time did not, in the end, permit, and so I'm going to just shove them all into one blog (expect on, to follow this) and make it boring, but you'll have the pictures of yours truly, which is what I know you've all just been waiting and watching for....

First... I love my Italian dictionary! I did homework with it this week, and I have to tell you- how handy! It has been about a year since I had one, and I really love it! I'm not sure why I didn't just get one before, but I just kept thinking I had one at home that I would bring back (in fact, the very one my dad used when he was in Italy!) but I didn't, so I finally buckled down and purchased one, and let me just say... what a joy!

My sixties hair from Thursday....

This is from last night. That little speckle of skin tone you can see in the middle, just down and left of the second light is Staci. That's how full the theater was on opening night at a 7:25pm showing of Annapolis.... Not a good sign.

Yep, that is Staci...

Well, we ended up enjoying ourselves despite the low quality of the film. It was quite romantic in such a theater with velvet seats and only 5 other people. Too bad I have a boyfriend, right? (heh, sickos....)

This is me this morning with a weird look on my face. What's that on my fork? that's UNsausage! It's a tasty vegan treat that is made of all natural non-meaty dairy stuffs, but tastes just identical to our ol' friend sausage! Amazing! But don't worry. This place has real eggs, real cheese, real milk... and amazing AMAZING coffee. Good ol' Kate's Joint!

And so here they are Mel... my two workout pics from the end of this week- one from Wed, one from fri.

And that's all folks!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the Award Goes To...

After a particularly long-seeming day, I came home to get some more work done.

I decided against going to Navigators so that I could unwind a bit, and because I thought that I would, most likely, find myself asleep balled up on the corner somewhere before I made it to the ol' Tisch building. I got some reading done, some printing done, some communicating done....

And then I got a package slip. But I'm not expecting any packages....

I really love them! How thoughtful and cute! I didn't even remember that I didn't have red- amazing! You are amazing!!!

I love you so much, and I SO appreciate you getting that in the mail! OH GOSH, you're so great! You are really so sweet! I put a letter in the mail to your address yesterday, so hopefully you'll get that soon!

You sock my world!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long and Luscious Locks!

Look how long Josh's hair is! HOLY CRAP!!!!

In light of this... we had to take action...

Staci began the process...
Craftmanship... that's all there is to say...

Super cool pigtails dude!
Staci is proud of her work!

Josh is... pleased as punch!
Arial view!And now we have the pony tail... that is neat!

And there you have it! What happens to one man's hair when the free haircut people doesn't call him back.
Come to 7F and see what happens to your floor length hair!

Pictorial: Random.

Well hello!

Here are the photos that I just got off of my camera! I also will tell you that at some point I'm going to put up pictures from New year's (I know, I know, a month later...) but for now here is a smattering of pictures for your pleasure (ps- great work, smattering).

This is me and Staci this weekend- when we were at the movie theatre actually.
Clearly not one of our best pictures...

This is how Staci feels about all the reading we did this weekend.

And this is how I feel about it. There's the beast of a book I spent countless hours with this weekend, and my pink highlighter that accompanies it.

This is me and my super cool, coolest thing I've ever gotten from NYU, wannabe Nalgene! YES! It's for my ambassadors job, and just in case I forget where I got it, it says NYU Ambassadors.
Here's me, post workout (as above, you may have noted the nasty appearance... such is the cause), pleased with how handy that water bottle is!

This is me looking crazy and mannish at Arthur's store, where I got my notebooks for school. Look at that selection... just gorgeous! This is just after Elizabeth and I saw ol' Bobby Deniro!

And here is the sweetest of the sweet. My little Dash baby (who is, officially, my god-son! Cool!). So adorable. You can't even handle it, can you? Neither can i!

And there you have my brief and odd pictorial update. But at least now you know what a nasty I look like post sweat fest! Until later!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Night Night Class.

Well I'm going to my first Monday Night Class. Here's hopin' it goes well!

I'm looking forward to receiving my last syllabus and knowing for sure how my semester will look. It should be really nice.

I took some pictures today, one of the Dashman, a few of myself and the best gift New York University has ever given me, and such.

Off to class. I'll try and blog again later and let you know how it went, but there's much homework to be done yet, so the chances are doubtful...

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today has been nice!

I got up lazily and got all showered and clean. I had a good bible study time, and then went out with Ian, Elizabeth, and Dash for about an hour while Ian ran errands. Pick up a copy of this week's People to see the latest review of the WAS album! :)

Staci and I went to brunch this afternoon, then I came back to tackle more homework. I say tackle because I am not watching any football, but experiencing the giant that is my "Civic Engagement in American Democracy" book. Now I am off to church uptown, and then I'll be back for more homework, some dinner, and then some TV if time agrees.

Goodbye to Ian. It was great to see you, Chris, I mean, and I love you very much! I am proud of you, and not just about the band! You are missed!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What A Stiff Drink Can Do.

So Staci and I decided to see that movie that none of you wanted to see. And since no one else on the planet wanted to see it either, it is only showing in two theaters in the city. One of them only offered two showtimes- 3:30pm and 8:50pm. The other offered a healthy array of times, so we settled on that one, and headed North to one of our least favorite places on earth.

The AMC 25 Times Square Theater is a nice one, but we had to make a dinner stop first. The longest leg of our trip was the 600 feet between the subway exit and the cheesy restaurant where we would find our pre-movie nourishment. We were reminded, only minutes after exiting the subway, how much we dislike and try to avoid the drooling beast that is Times Square. It was after the trek that a margarita was necessary, if not for the pleasure of a cold drink with spicey food, then for the calming effects on these shot-by-the-gang-that-is-Times-Square nerves (or maybe anger management?).

After receiving the unhappy news of a 25 minute wait, we decided that as the restaurant was only just across the street we would risk it. 2 minutes later we were seated, within 10 minutes I was sucking a frozen strawberry margarita, and just twenty minutes after that we had swallowed all the perfectly crafted fajita nachos they offered, and we ventured across the street. We elected to cross directly, forgoeing the less timely option of venturing to the street corner and utilizing the glowing crosswalks, the pedestrian's haven. Alas, no, we sprung across with ease and unseen agility, and a near miss from an on coming MTA bus cleared the Tequila induced fuzz I had only momentarily experienced.

After that we settled into our cozy seats in our personalized 58 person mini-theater for the reject movies, and enjoyed just under two hours of romantic comedy induced escapism.

It was a lovely day, filled with brunch, then hours and hours of homework- and without one accidental nap. As you can see, the evening was fantastic, and now it's time for a bit more homework before bed.

And the Winner Is....


Claire: eggs +1
Italian dressing -1
cheddar cheese +1
pasta sauce -1
milk +1
I'm gonna bum off of Mel and go with the yogurt +1, even though you're a copier.

Staci: canned fruit, coke, apple juice, fruit punch >The canned fruit, apple juice and fruit punch are Kristine's, the coke is Javaria's: -4

Josh's total: -2

Josh wins the award for the shortest list with the best basic answers, though the guesses for staci were really good, none of them were hers! :)

The cokes are for sure not yours: how right you are! But I can't give you points for a negative answer! Sorry!
That nasty yogurt wannabe butter stuff.... yours +1
The Frenchs yellow nasty mustard...yours +1 (not seen, but it is there!!!)
The 1 gallon of Ranch Dressing....yours -1 (no psycho, no ranch in that fridge!)
The assorted nasty yogurt.....yours -1 (nope, not that yogurt!)
Bakers dozen of "ragin cajun" hot sausages.....yours +1 (No ragin cajuns for this girl, but I do have sausage in the lower right hand drawer!!)
The giant size thing of Miracle Whip -1 (nope)
Leftover chili +1 (in the freezer actually, but this can fall under the category of knowing it;s there)
Half Eaten peanut butter and honey sandwich......Jesse's (dont ask me how) -1 (yeah, no- though I do like your creativity!)
I will take you up on that free lunch on Feb 16! ---how presumptuous of you! But since you'll be the first person I see besides Josh, I guess I can do that!
Matthew's total: 0

Matt wins the award for most guesses for things that aren't actually there!
Brummel and Brown butter +1
Yoplait yougurt +1
Italian Dressing -1
The milk in the door +1.5 (I'm giving an extra half point for being specific!)
eggs +1
is that an apple in the plastic bag? I think that would be yours -1 (actually no! But a good guess!)
the regulaer Coke -1 (TRYING to be healthy, but good guess!)
At least one carton of the Tropicana orange juice -1 (no, no juice for me :()
Daisy sour cream +1.5
looks like some sort of raspberry vinagarette in the door next to the green and white carton +1.5 (EXCELLENT GUESS! It's actually just plane ol' balsamic vinaigrette, but GREAT GREAT guess).
is there Ragu pasta sauce in there -1 (no, but I should probably get some, eh?)
Kimber's total: 2.5!

Kimber wins the award for most specific answers!!!

1. The yogurt has to be yours. (The Yoplait ones.) +1.5 (first one to say the Yoplait ones, extra .5!!!)
2. Aswellas the Bumble and Bumble (I think) butter spread (Mom, please pass the real butter.) +1
3. The Cokers? -1 (no! trying to be healthier!! Off the sauce, as matt would say!)
4. The Italiano dressing? -1, no, sadly.
5. Eggs. Atleast one carton. +1
I can't see it, but I KNOW it's got to be there somewhere.Cheese +1 (I have 4 kinds of cheese in the fridge right now! heh!)
Milk. You have to have milker +1 (OH so true!)

Mels' total: 3.5

Mel gets the highest score!

salsa +1
apple juice -1
one of the milks +1
coke -1
eggs in clear carton +1.5 (how did you know!! I love it!)
hellman's light +1
the cheese of course +1
the pita bread things that are in the back of the second shelf -1 (actually this is a really OLD pancake that Kristine made.. BEFORE the break! EW!! I should really throw that away! heeh! Good eye though!)
the apple -1
fruit that is under the tupperware +1 (It's actually not fruit, it's oatmeal cookie batter, if you're talking about the blue tupperware on the bottom shelf with the blue lid- if this isn't the one you're tlakig about, let me know!)
the brummel and brown or whatever +1
the dressing that is on the door +1
the spaghetti sauce on the door -1

staci: some of the diet drinks -1 (Staci ain't no foo!)
one of the milks +1
the big carton of fruit juice -1,
the stuff in tupperware +1 (if you mean the green brussels sprouts in the tupperwear on the 2nd shelf...)
and what the heck, the pickels maybe -1 (though she does like the pickles!)
o and ill give her the land o lakes butter also -1 (that's mine, baking purposes...)

Julie's total: 1.5

Julie wins the award for MOST guesses- and for REALLY looking at the picture to find stuff! So you can have lunch too, next time I see ya!

So the official winner is Mel, but how about I just take you ALL out to lunch for putting up this LAME game!! THanks, it was fun to see what you guys think I eat! :*

Friday, January 20, 2006

All I Wanna Do.

Is go to sleep!

I'm so tired! Which is fine, but it's so weird! I got a fair amount of sleep today, and had a great workout this morning! Alas, here I am at 8:39pm and I am nodding off! I had dinner with Megan and Kathryn which was really fun, and am now debating about whether to go meet them at D&D to do some work... though I really just want to go to bed. heh.

It was been a good day, but my job on Friday afternoons is going to be less of the whole "3 hours of homework and getting paid for it" and more of "watch as Claire does the worst of the menial and lame manual labor!" Which is fine, cause again, I'm getting paid. But on a day when I haven't been feeling great and am exhausted, it was just one of those... oh gosh, can I just go home? days. So oh well. Oh well. I am alive still, and it was actually quite a good day. Just funny that in the end both of my jobs are currently the height of minimum-wage expectation.

Well I'm going to go do SOMETHING. I'm already looking forward to brunch tomorrow... does that make me pathetic? No.. cause if you've had FOAF then you know it sho' ain't. Nuh-uh!

I's out, yizzles.

Last Call.

Alright folks.

I just got back from work and am pleased to see that most of you have put in your 2 cents, barring Matthew's which were more like 14 cents, and completely fabricated, so of course he'll be the big loser. Fear not Kimber, there is no ranch, no Miracle Whip, and there is sausage, but it's in a drawer, and he just got really lucky with that one. Staci has vowed silence.

SO... the last call for the game is now- at the end of the day today I'll talley things up- that will give me a score, and you'll see which of you can guess my grocery-at-school habits (which may or may not be extremely different from my at-home habits, of course).

Good luck!

PS> End of the day means 12:00am EST, that's 10:00pm Utah time, and of course, for our negligent Californian, 9pm.


To the guessing game challenge takers:

you may also list things that you THINK are in there that you may not see, or that you can't identify but think they are specific things.

And hey, don't cheat off of other people's answers! heh!

[some of you are surprisingly close, and others suprisingly wrong... you may end up being surprised...]


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guessing Game.

Here's a fun game.

This is me, and my fridge.... (that is, the community fridge of the apartment, of course!)

Your challenge is, from these pictures, to tell me what in these pictures is mine. And I'd also like you to guess what is Staci's. I can't really expect to see you guys quess what is Kristine's and Javaria's, but do your best with me and Staci. Leave your response in my comments! Good luck! Oh- and winner with the most correct answers gets lunch for free on me!

[scoring as follows: +1 for correct item, -1 for incorrect item]

A Moment in My Day.

As I was walking home from work today, past the arch that joins 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park, I had to stop and take a picture. It was just so pretty- the arch, lighted up as the day was steeping in dusk.

Just as I snapped that picture, I noticed a man with his camera perched on a tripod, facing south-west, attempting to immortalize a rarely seen colorful sunset. So I followed suit, but without any effort at framing the picture because, afterall, how do you frame the sky? And my hands were cold, too.

And there you have two beautiful images from my day.

Hit That Spot.

Which actually sounds kind of dirty, left to itself. But here... is the explanation!

SO... I had Italian, but I ate a late breakfast (slept in a bit, then showered, then did laundry, then had breakfast) and so I wasn't ready to have lunch at noon. SO I didn't eat. So I have my italian class 12:30-1:45, then I have to be at the office at 2:00, which is about 5 minute walk, but then a four story climb up, so it's good to have at least 10 minutes of travel time. So, I didn't have lunch.

Work went well. I was in the file room doing work with wanna be Fall 2006 NYU freshmen applications (which I'll blog about later, most likely) and then I was answering phones and talking to people about the school. And then it was 5:00 and I was free. And it had been more than 7 hours since I had eaten!

So I get home and I keep thinking "I'll wait a while until I eat", but then I realize that yeah, there are some people in this world who eat before 7, so why not let those people be ME tonight, and so I make myself a Turkey Burger with Cheddar Cheese on a Potato Roll with Ketchup (thank you George Foreman). And OH BABY, it hit the spot!

Some salad and turkey burger excellence later, and I'm sitting pretty, ready to do some super homework before I watch my first ever episode of Dancing with the Stars!

More later!

PS> So, not to brag or anything. But I'm pretty sure that was the best Turkey Burger ever. Thanks to Staci for her wisdom on the matter. You'll just have to try it sometime....


I had this weird and disturbing dream last night, and now I can't shake that feeling! I woke up with it and it's still there. Fading, though, so don't worry.

Just wanted to check in and say hi before I head off to school and then work! Should be an adventure, I'll update tonight!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shinus Splintilus.

I had all these fun blogs to write today, but time ran out, and here I am at 10:56pm and I'm exhausted and not about to venture in that direction. I'm going to bed now so as to wake up and get moving. I have my first day of work in the office for the new job which should be exciting.

I'll post more tomorrow night, I've no doubt.

PS> Word up to my g Elizabeth for being one loving mommy.



is what happens when it rains in New York.

Wednesday, Yep.

I think my subjects have really sucked as of late (or always?) and I do apologize.

I'm eating Teter family chilli from my cappuccino mug that a certain tall dark and handsome gave me (originally containing flowers), and it's rainy out. I have to get to class soon but thought I'd stop by for a moment to say... uh.. hello!

I have my Public Service class today, so that should be interesting. And Navs tonight- hooray! I'm excited! It'll be great to get back to it! At this point I'm not going to Honduras, though as JOsh said, never say never, and so we'll see. But I will probably buy my ticket home in the next few days barring any unforseen persuasion in the next 12 hours. :) I think I'll need the mental recoup time in March. I feel like I may already need it! Hah! Just kidding. So far it has been fine, but we'll see when I have all four syllabi/uses and have my true workload and WORK load going on.

The working out is helping. I think my body is just HAPPIER, even after 2 days. I know, it seems silly to say, but it really is just pleased as punch I've decided to get off my lazy bum. And who can blame it?

Well ALRIGHT already! I'll go to class! JEEZ! Comment. Leave me some love. What happened to the good ol' days! Also.. .do you have a burning question you'd like to see posted on the blog. A topic you'd like me to discuss perhaps? Anything, dahhlings, anything!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm a College Girl Now.

Yes, it turns out. I do kind of like school.

Today was my first day of classes, and it went well. Despite my near heart-attack-induced-by-fear-and-intimidation of the early morning, it turned out well, and I think both my fiction writing and my italian classes are going to be good.

I did the rest of my homework for my Public Service class and wrote the little paper that went along with it, and I think it is very interesting. Which is really good, because today I found out that it is, in fact, a GRADUATE course, not an undergrad course. This probably means absolutely nothing except that I will be super intimidated until I get my first graded thing back, and all the older folk in the class will be scary in the beginning (and maybe through 'til the end, in reality). So I'll keep you posted on how THAT goes!

But as for me promising I'd go to the gym.... I did! And it was great! I went grocery shopping after, and let me just say, THAT is a great idea! Go to the grocery after the gym- cookies will not tempt you after you just spend an hour trying to burn your thunder thighs off! And I made my own dinner... as me about those two things whenever you want: did I go to the gym, and did I make my own food that day!? Because those are two things I'm working on.

Besides my 10 real pushup challenge (was it 10? I think so...) and my 60 crunch challenge, I'm also adding this goal, and I really want to do it: I want to be able to touch my toes by the end of the semester. I have NO idea if that is reasonable, but I reall want to, and it's about time that I get working on my flexibility before my joints ever get worse. Ya know? (and trust me, I so would have made some joke about a kama sutra position in there somewhere if I wasn't actually me... no fear folks, never even seen the inside of the book, much less made use of it.)

SO.. that was awkward... ANYWAY.... it has been a great day, and I'm hoping tomorrow's classes will be super as well!


PS> Looks like, so far, my last class (2 of 4, so this could be all royally messed up, of course, but I just have to share it now cause its crazy!) is on April 27th. CRAZY!

Back To School.

WELLLLL it's time.

It's 9:01. I was planning on leaving here at 9:00am so as to give myself a comfy half hour to get down to the classroom, though I probably only need about 13 minutes. But now it's 9:02 and I'm still sitting here typing away, and I have no inclination to get up and actually move towards getting the final touches (like a shirt and shoes) on and walk out in the freezing (albeit sunny) air.

I'm dreading class, but at the same time I look forward to getting 2 syllabuses/i and seeing what my semester will look like in some ways. It should be a good day. I'm going to work out after class today, so you can ask me about that... it sohuldn't be too busy at like 3:00 in the afternoon... let the fun begin!

I miss you all, hope your Tuesdays are super!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Pretty Good Day!

Today was pretty dang great!

I got up early and had a good 6.5 hour training session for my new job as Ambassador job. I'll be finding out how many hours I'll be working there in the next few days- raking in a whopping $6.75 an hour... but hey, it's more than I can pay myself!

After that I came home and gave a shout out to Staci, and then headed over to see the Dash and the Elizabeth!

Here are some pictures of me with the baby!

And now I'm watching the Golden Globes. Tomorrow begins school.... blahhhhhh. Or maybe yay?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday.

This is my 300th post, and my excitement for this post is just bursting:

Exhibit A- my excitement about this post in a photo- this is the photo challenge post instigated by Mel's blog.

How I feel about going back to school.

But there's always something to look forward to... like President's Day!

But then there's homework....

But there's reason to forget about that...

The ability to wink with both eyes.... (not everyone can do that, talk to Kelli)...

So today has been pretty good. Church was awesome.

I have training for my job tomorrow... NYU Ambassador, here I come!

I miss all you folks back home, here's a wet one for ya!

It's freezing here, PS...

Have a good night everyone!