Thursday, November 17, 2005



For the Family Photo:

Everyone should wear Jeans with Black or Red (any hue) tops! DONE!

Now... Do we know a time and place? I just realized I have no idea. We're planning to all hang out afterward right, like dinner etc... so we could do it late afternoon? Say 4pm, then it would still be light outside. We could meet somewhere- if we want to do it in a yard we can meet at my house. What do we think?


Kimber said...

The date is great. However, if we are deciding that Brit is going to take the pictures, she may not be available until later that day because she has to work, and holidays are CRAZY time for photos at the studio. So if she can't, is there someone else who will be taking photos for us? Do we have a back-up plan just in case?