Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pine Time.

On the corner of 9th and University there is a deli. Well not RIGHT on the corner, but NEXT to the corner, because there is an apartment building on the actual corner. Anyway- this deli now has pine trees for sale! That's right! Christmas trees! YES!

This weekend I had my first introduction to Christmas decorating for the year- it's amazing what those lights can do for the mood of a room! I don't think we'll be putting any decor, at least any lights, up in this, but I'm excited that it's that time of year all around!

I love the smell of the trees as you walk by- it's so fresh and clean and reminds me of how much I love being around these parts at the holidays. The snowflakes have gone up in Union Square park, the lights are hanging above 8th street, and the Christmas village is up in full force in the park as well.

Well I've gotta be off to class. I'm sure I'll write again when I'm back- what a healthy form of procrastination, eh?