Monday, November 21, 2005

Pictoral, what.

Here are some more Penn State Pics! YESSSSS!!!!

In No particular order....

This one is from the photo scavenger hunt- we had to find the most penn state paraphanalia- woohoo! I think I look SO weird in this picture! heh!
This is in the Bowman's basement (the staff workers at PSU), this is during worship time.

These are our navigator boys raking the Bowman's lawn to thank them for letting them stay there (all of the boys stayed in one house- terrifying!)
This is (L-R) Kelsey, Me, and Amanda- huggin' trees for the Scavenger.
This is Dan and his bear hat!
This is my photoscav team with coach joepaw or PSU!
This is also for the photoscav, us cheering for Penn State! "We Are!" -- "Penn State!"
Another one of the upperclassladies.
Again, photoscav- we had to find a baby and act like a baby infront of the diner called baby's.
Team pyramid in front of the stadium! YES!And this one- Me, Kathryn, and Megan! Tear!

And there you had those ones, hooray!


melissa o said...

My crazy friend...

We should plan a photo scavenger hunt for x-mas time.