Sunday, November 06, 2005



Staci and I met up with a few old friends, a few as in we met up with six of them, and if you add that to the two of us there was an eight-top table, and we were still missing three, one of whom lives in Boston so she definitely couldn't come, one who was working- she's a bartender, and then one who is off on a Canadian adventure. We lived at number 42 on Via Cavour which was about a fifty foot walk from the bus stops from routes numbered 11, 17, 20, 25A, 25, and several others. We lived together for approximately four months, had one meal with all of us in attendance, several more with one just shy of tutti, and some good laughs over countless bottles of red wine.

Let me introduce you, if you weren't keeping track while we were there (in Florence, that is):
From Left to Right: Alexis, Staci, Me, Sabrina, Jacqui, Lindsey, Justine, Andrea. Not pictured: Stephanie, Daina, and Katie. Go here ( to see old pictures from Italy and check these ladies out back in the day!

We had a good time, I had two raspberry margaritas (Staci had some, and trust me, there wasn't much alcohol... it was the first time I got ID'd too! HOORAY! :) ). We ate some good but I don't really want to think about it right now so let's not talk about it.
Here we are! Good times.