Thursday, November 03, 2005


I love my Italian professor.

Well she's not officially a professor, she is an "insegnante" (insehnyantay), or a grad student teacher. She's so spunky, and she makes the corniest jokes. Picture your ideal italian person, talking with their hands flailing- and youv'e got her. She's absolutely jovial, she's wonderful. And she teaches well too.

She paces around the room and it's so hilarious- she'll call out "meno dieci punti, Claire" or whatever- saying "minus ten points" to someone who sneezes or yawns, and she just gets such a kick out of herself! And then, just to make sure we know she's kidding she'll say "scherzo, scherzo! I'm jahz' jokin!" She has an awesome accent, doesn't speak english well at all, which is even better!

It's just fun to have a teacher I like so much and am learning from too! It's wonderful! That's all! Hooray for Ale_Monta!