Saturday, October 29, 2005

Google World!

Totally awesome!

Staci and I had a great time in our geek goggles at the movie last night- Shop Girl. That one will make you want to go home and make love to your husband. Or at least be held by him. Or potentially both.

Then we came back and listened to the slow and sweet sounds of the BSB (inspired by a video of two chinese boys lipping to "I Want It That Way") and took a virtual tour of our worlds courtesy of Google Earth. THAT was good times!

This is Staci being super happy about Google Earth.

This is me gasping and pointing in awe of Google Earth, oh fantastic thing that it is!


jules said...

it really is amazing isnt it!?!?!?! i was seriously so stoked that i got to see my house and the church and the "W"
would have been better had the terrible five been visible, but we cant have everything right?