Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Big 2-1.

Yep. In just under 2 hours I will be 21 years old. The floodgates of bliss will open and life abundant will spill into the streets of my existence.

Oh wait, that's JESUS who does that!

ANYWAY.... life is good! I'm psyched it is my birthday tomorrow- I'll expect ridiculous quantities of text messages, calls, e-mails, and otherwise to celebrate the day of my birth which I had absolutely nothing to do with! But hey- hooray for being born!

Plus, October 20th-- isn't that just a great day. Just a fantastically super day! It has a regal ring to it... October twentieth ( -- that was the echo, if you didn't get that). So to all you out there- have fun on the day that I was born and let me know how you celebrate it!