Wednesday, October 29, 2003

HOORAY for Gavin Degraw!!

I will write more tomorrow, for it is my time to retire, but HE IS AMAZING! ANd all of you back home, you WILL (yes, you will!) go to his concert on November 18th at DV8! YOU HAVE TO! He is an AMAZING entertainer! WOW! SO GREAT!

I beg you! Go! You will have SO much fun! When else can you see this native New Yorker sing "Let's Get It On"? No where else, I think! GO! GO! GO!

Ok, so more later! Hooray!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Booty-licious, or I am now anyway!

Thanks to Lisa for my fabtabulous birthday gift! If only I could REALLY use it! But for now, it will serve the purpose which you outlined in your card. Many thanks! (And yes, I laughed heartily!)

My parentals are coming in to town, in fact I just talked to them and they are on the bridge comin' to the little Island of Manhattan! It's hard to believe it really is a tiny Island, huh? Yep, you're right! It is!

Thank you for the birthday ideas for Josh! Keep 'em coming! I've got to put something fabulous together- because he's fabulous! (in that not gay sense, of course!)

Here's to Friday being tomorrow, and the weekend with family!

Good luck in California We Are Scientists!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Boyfriend Surprise.

WEll folks, it's true. I have the best boyfriend in the world.

The much anticipated surpise was the BEST POSSIBLE suprise- a visit from Joshua for a couple days- the true pleasure of his company right here in River City.

It seemed like the time went by in a blink! He came in on Sunday night, I discovered his presence at promptly 8pm. We stayed up all night chatted etc. and then I had to go to class the next morning. When I got back from class around 12:30 we went lunch, and then went uptown, to Times Square (espn zone- they have REALLY good dessert!), and then saw a little biit of SoHo. We hung out all afternoon, and then went to dinner with Ian and Elizabeth Monday night around 9. We went to a hip little Italian place, and it was really enjoyable. I'm eager to hear what Ian and Elizabeth though of by favorite boy! :)

Leaving him- or rather, seeing him leave, was really hard. The sadness of it all is always heightened by the fact that I NEVER get sleep the night before we part- largely due to the fact that we stay up trying to "soak up" eachother. As hard, and disappointing it was to see him go, I can't help but smile when I think of those few days. It was so great to have him here. It was a little surreal to have him standing in my dorm room, or holding my hand as we walk down the street- something out of a dream.

I felt like a real dork this morning because as I was walking to school, despite the fact that this day seemed hopeless upon consciousness due to the absence of Josh, I started laughing outloud at the memory of his wearing one of my hats. Just random, and only a flicker of a memory that was NOT a central moment in my life, but a great one. I feel like every time I am with him I have these incredible and lasting experiences.

So yes, there is that (and there is So much more, but how can I possibly tell ALL of it?). But here's the dilemma- now what can I possibly get him for HIS birthday!? I can't fly home, especially because I am going to be home exactly a week LATER for Thanksgiving. So- if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE e-mail me :)

And to My love- THANK YOU. And you know the rest!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Peaches! All my fellow peaches!
It's the weekend!

I'm so glad that I am free from school this week! YAY! Now it's homework time, and birthday celebration time, and GOOD times!!

I love the weekend!!!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Dirty skies here in NYC-- it looks as if it may rain.

It has been a weird week, I'll be honest. And now here I am, still sitting at my computer, just like I have been all evening.

Two of my (used to be) closest friends are now married. One more is to be married in about 8 months. And they are no more than a year older than me... One is less than 3 days older than me. How is it that these people can feel ready for marriage? What a commitment! I am happy for some, and worried for others...And both is good I guess. I just hate to think of a negative outcome.
All of this marriage speak gets me thinking about my life. What is success to me? How do I want to live? What do I live for? What do I want to DO when I grow up? Who do I want to BE when I grow up? Who will I marry? What will he do?
So many questions... Some of them I can answer, some I can't. It's an interesting place to be in life. Very interesting I tell you.

very interesting.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hi there folks!
Tonight I had my first Growth Group meeting! Growth Groups are bible studies-- just so ya know!
The girls in it are all really cool! We range in age from 18 (19 in less than 2 weeks! yeehaw!) to 24. Pretty cool. Three of the girls are into musical theatre, and each of them has or is studying at a musical theatre conservatory. Very cool. It got my creative juices thinking again...but not fear anyone..I think it will be another year here (finish the GSP program) before any drastic change happens. it seems like that is the best bet for now.
Well, I hope all is well with everyone! E-mail me sometime!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Well, here I am.
I'm back in New York.
I've been back home, seeing everyone I love.
I tell you, it's hard to be back. It seems natural though.
I dont' know. Can I sat that again? I DON"T KNOW!!!!
That's how I feel about life: I don't know.
I wish someone would just TELL me what is right. How should I feel?
I don't know.

But thank you, all of you, who I got to see and spend time with. What a much needed breath of fresh air. Seven weeks and counting.